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  1. Hi Sandhuji, It would be of great help if you figure out my cause for bad health, I am suffering from arthritis. It has repeated thrice and many astrologers give different opinions. Not sure which planet to be prayed.Each astrologer diagnoises in different way. My DOB is 24th November 1980, 10:11 AM , Bangalore. Jupiter conjoins Saturn in 9th house. Ketu in capricorn ascendant. 1 st house Moon in Sixth House Rahu in sevent House venus and Mercury in tenth house Sun in eleventh house Mars in twelth house. Is my bad health due to Ketu in Lagna and Rahu in seventh house Mars in Twelth house Jupiter and Saturn in ninth house Mars view Moon Saturn views Moon Please , Could you figure out the reason , So that I could pray the planet lord. I had the join pain in august 2005 again in september in 2006 now again started and continuning since october 30 2008.
  2. Hello Sandhuji, I am a capricorn born ascendant, jupiter and saturn are in my 9th house. my date of birth 24/11/1980 10:11 am, bangalore I have lot of health issues. Could you please throw light on this issue. Thanks a lot
  3. chant karyveerarjuna mantra to recover lost things
  4. Hi everyone, Can anyone anlyze my horoscope and suggest remedies to improve my health, I am suffering from arthritis DOB: 24/11/1980 Place bangalore Time: 10:11 AM Thanks for all, Shiva Kumar
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