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  1. Respected Sir / Madam, Here are my details: -Date, place, time of birth: 24, Jan, 1975 at Turuvekere India (13:9:51 North / 76:40:00 East -Your gender, current location: Male, Bangalore, India -profession (working/student/which field): Working as a senior Manager -family details (married/unmarried/divorced, kids details (if any), details of how many siblings, details of parents): Happily Married since 2002, One child, Happily staying with both parents. One brother, married and settled in USA. Good relationship with everyone. -Your specific question But since then there has been a lot of uncertainties in my career, and on the whole it is progressing very slowly. I am now being asked to shift to a foreign country, and I do not want to relocate. The question that I have is, will I see another positive shift in my carees anytime soon, and will it be benificial to me. Is it better to try for a new job, or to accept this assignment? I am really lost at this point of time, please help me.
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