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  1. Hi Astro102, First of all, thanks for sharing your knowledge for free here. I m interested in knowing about my marriage/and-or/ my current Rahu antardasha in Mercury's dasha. My details are: DOB: 13-12-1982 TOB: 14.43 POB: Delhi, India Gender: Female I am curious to know when I will get married. And as you had said it is only one question per person, I think I would rather try to understand my current Rahu AD. It has not even been two months since it began and it has already caused me a lot of confusion and unhappiness. I left my job in September to take a break, but I haven't looked hard enough for the next and so I am jobless. A new person entered my life out of the blue and has turned my life upside-down. I am already looking to terminate this less-than-a-month-old relationship. I have been behaving out of character ever since this time began. I would like to get a grip on my behaviour and decisions. I know I have the power of freewill yet I am not clear about my decisions and the people I associate with. Looking forward to any insight you may provide, which may guide me out of self-caused confusions. And, I am also planning to seek therapy for some long-standing problems. Do you think the way out lies there? Thanks and regards, Lipi
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