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  1. Hi Swapnilji, the time of birth is confirmed as 3.00pm.
  2. thank you Swapnil ji for your reply. May i ask some question. 1) Does my chart say that my marriage will be a love marriage? Will my marriage problems be starting to show good sign after 27/02/2009 to 23/01/2010? 2) i have some confusion on my chart as some astrologer predict i'm magha with simma raasi and some say i'm ayilyam with kadagam raasi. Is there anything to differentiate these 2 raasi's and natchatiram. What criteria is obviously different so that i can see it in my situation and be confirmed thats my raasi. Its quite diffcult to even go temple and perform archana as i'm always not certain on it. thank you so much. Appreciate your kind reply.
  3. hi webyogi, thank you for your reply. I have a few questions to ask. 1.Can you please tell me what is my raasi and natchatiram? 2.You mentioned that there are "Dasa of Marriage lord has started last Year and with some efforts it is possible in this period" 3. Can you tell me at which age is likely i'm going to get married. Until when is this period. I'm having some delays to get married to my lover due to this problem in my horoscope. Thank you so much once again.
  4. can somebody please help me. i would really appreciate any help from any astrologer. please and thank you.
  5. Can any astrologer pls help. webyogi? I haven't got any reply yet.
  6. Hi web yogi, can you pls predict when i will get married. I'm having some delays due to horoscope matching with my lover. Please tell me more about my chance of marriage. really need your help on this matter. I feel anything i plan always gets delayed. DOB:22-10-1981 time:3.00pm place: klang,malaysia thank you in advance
  7. is there any guruji that can analyse my chart and let me know when i will get married, I'm facing some opposing from the guys side, when will my problem solve. I really need to know when. need some advice please thank you
  8. can you pls tell me when will be getting married to my love. I really need your help on this. Or is there any remedial measure i can do.
  9. HI mahavir, can u pls analyse my chart. I have great confusion as each one generates a different chart and i need to confirm it. I would like to know what is my rasi and natchatiram based on your chart prediction. Below are my details Birth Place: malaysia Time: 3.00 pm Day:Thursday Location (Exact City): Klang Thank you very much
  10. Hi, Is there any astrologer who can help me to create and analyze my chart. Really appreciate some help. Please and thank you.
  11. Dear Sir, Thank you for your reply. How was it that some of them could really confirm and tell me its no doubt im kadaga raasi ayilyam natchatiram and said that since I'm in love, there is no doubt i'm a ayilyam. This is really making me miserable. I'm having some serious problems because of horoscope matching is not compatible with my partner. His family is rejecting me because of my horoscope. Will you be able to analyse my chart and see my compatibility with him. HIS DOB:21-05-1981 Time:8.15PM
  12. Hi, Im born on 22-10-1981 @ 3.00PM in Klang Malaysia. when i was born, My parents were told Im Simma rasi Magha natchatiram. Now after many years when i go and check again, Im told Im Kadaga Rasi Ayiyam natchatiram. I have been to more than 4 astrologers all are saying either these 2. How can I confirm What star I am. I'm confused. Any astrologer to help. How is this possible?
  13. How are you going bout this?Any solution for you yet? are you the one with dosam or your partner. My partner loves me, but I think he is being pressured by his mom. He doesn't want to look like he's opposing his mum for a girl, but i wish he would. I'm waiting patiently. But I don't know for how long. Its because whenever anyone speak to her bout it, she is adamant. Now he wants to further his studies overseas and asked me to wait. He feels this way can let his mum cool down and he will slowly talk to her again.
  14. Hi, I would like to ask what can i do if horoscope matching has some dosam on girl but some parigharam can be done. I have learned alot that all problem have parigharam. If both hearts love each other, but boys mother strongly disagree due to dosam in chart that is never a girls fault. Boy's mum doesn't want to look at the girls problem and heartache she is going through being rejected and is reluctant to believe some thing can be done to fix it. Can love win? What should I do? Im totally confused, In love for 5 years and asked to forget each other due to some horoscope. What parigharam can i do? Pls help to give some hope to me. Thanking everyone
  15. Hi Sir, please help to check my horoscope. I have seen in many place and have uncertainty in this answer Im born on 22-Oct-1981 at 3.00PM in Malaysia. SOme say im simma rasi magam natchatiram and some say im kadagam rasi ayilyam natchatiram. My final astrologer asked me to use the second, kadagam rasi ayilyam natchatiram. But whatever they say, im said to have dosam. And this made my lover's parents to reject our marriage.Things are pretty bad. I need your advice on chart and when can i marry my lover.Will it get delayed longer?What can i do to make things work?Parigharam?
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