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  1. I don't understand how to delete this post I accidentally wrote.
  2. Hey Guest, here is the verse that you are thinking of: स स्वभाव विनीतः च गौरवाच् च तदा आनतः । प्रस्थितो दण्डकारण्यमाप्रष्टुमुपचक्रमे ॥२-२०-२६॥ देवि नूनम् न जानीषे महद् भयम् उपस्थितम् । इदम् तव च दुह्खाय वैदेह्या लक्ष्मणस्य च ॥२-२०-२७॥ गमिष्ये दण्डकारण्यम् किमनेनासनेन मे । विष्टरासनयोग्यो हि कालोऽयम् मामुपस्थितः ॥२-२०-२८॥ चतुर्दश हि वर्षाणि वत्स्यामि विजने वने । मधु मूल फलैः जीवन् हित्वा मुनिवद् आमिषम् ॥२-२०-२९॥ भरताय महा राजो यौवराज्यम् प्रयच्चति । माम् पुनर् दण्डक अरण्यम् विवासयति तापसम् ॥२-२०-३०॥ स ष्ट्चाअष्टौ च वर्षाणि वत्स्यामि विजने वने । आसेवमानो वन्यानि फलमूलैश्च चर्तयन् ॥२-२०-३१॥ सा निकृत्तैव सालस्य यष्टिः परशुना वने । पपात सहसा देवी देवतेव दिवश्च्युता ॥२-२०-३२॥ This is the translation of these verses: That Rama , being humble in nature , became still modest due to respect for his mother and was set about to ask her permission before setting forth his journey to Dandaka forest. 2-20-26 “Oh,mother! You do not know that a great dismay is approaching now. It brings grief to you, to Sita and to Lakshmana” 2-20-27 “I am going to Dandaka forest. Why this seat for me? Time has come for me to sit on a seat made of Kusha grass.” 2-20-28 “I shall live in a solitary forest like a sage for fourteen years, leaving off meat and living with roots, fruits and honey”. 2-20-29 "The great king is giving to Bharata the succession to kingdom and to me, however, he is making me a sage to stay in the forest of Dandaka." 2-20-30 “I have to satisfy with the things existing in the forest and subsist with roots and fruits in a solitary forest for fourteen years.” 2-20-31 The queen Kausalya fell on the floor all at once like the branch of a tree, cut down by an axe and as an angel dropping down from heaven. 2-20-32 Maadhav, I would really like to have you reply to this one.
  3. I have read the Ramayana in English translation. For the Ayodhya Kanda (the part with the most indisputable meat eating), it was the Clay Sanskrit Library version. I know people will say that the translation changes it, but to me when it says that Rama shot a bunch of wild animals and then they ate them, there's no way that that is translated wrong. Anyways, I haven't read all of these posts, and it all seems like a case of seeing what you want to see. If the Ramayana said something you liked, you would say "good, good, very good, that's what the Ramayana says" if it says something else, that means it is impossible Sanskrit which you are misinterpreting. This transformation of Sanskrit from a language to a mystical code that only Acaryas can possibly understand is quite amazing. But anyways, here is a SRILA PRABHUPADA QUOTE that I have found. Don't pay attention to my opinions, but I believe this is a genuine Prabhupada quote: Hrdayananda: So in our varnasrama college the students that come to our college, they follow the four principles... They follow... Prabhupada: Four principles essential. Essential. But only the sudras or the ksatriyas... Just like ksatriyas, they have to learn how to kill. So practically, they should go to the forest and kill some animal. And if he likes, he can eat also. If he likes. he can eat also. Hrdayananda: What he kills. Prabhupada: Yes. But not from the slaughterhouse. Those who are ksatriyas, they can, they’re allowed sometimes to eat meat. It is understood Bhima, Bhima also eating sometimes meat. Bhima. Amongst the Pandavas, only Bhima. Not others. So if the ksatriyas, they want to eat meat, they can be allowed on particular occasions. But they must go to the forest and kill the animal. Not that for meat eating regular slaughterhouses should be maintained. This is all nonsense, degradation. If you want to eat meat, you go to the forest. And the sudras, they also sometimes eat meat. Or the candalas. This website is the source: hkrl . com /SrilaPrabhupada.html. Sorry, they are preventing me from spamming. So anyways, yeah. According to Prabhupad, ksatriyas can eat meat. It is OK for them. Rama was a ksatriya. This doesn't mean that we can eat meat, as we are not ksatriyas, but we don't have to pretend that Rama never did it.
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