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  1. Dear Sir, My birth details: Name:bss DOB: 20-April-1982 TOB: 2.55AM POB: vijayawada,India Sex: female Status: Unmarried I am normally a very happy person..since the past month I have had of lot of sudden deaths of near and dear...and nothing I plan seems to take off..even something really unimportant like going out etc..If I plan it ..it never happens...this is sometimes out of my control... I got a new job 3months ago, moved into a new house with a new roomate...everything was fine until the last month or so. Question: how long will this period last? Thanks & Regards....and I really appreciate the service
  2. Hello vic, name : chitra date 20th April 1982, time 2.55 AM& place (vijayawada/Andhra Pradesh/India) of birth gender: female. thanks in advance...
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