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  1. Is there anyone who can answer my queries please.
  2. Can anyone please clarify the above mentioned doubt of mine? Also could you please predict about my marital life? Will it be a good one or not? Thanks in advance.
  3. I want to clarify one point over here. Is Saturn malefic or is it Mars in my kundali? Among these 2 planets which one is creating problems for me in life? What does Saturn being retrogade means? Is it that Mars with Saturn along with it cancels my mangal dosha? Please throw some light on this point.
  4. Thank You Classic72 Ji. Well since Venus is afflicted by Mars and Saturn, will wearing a Diamond help me in stopping this affliction? Which one is suitable for me Diamond or Yellow Sapphire? Can you please tell me, what are the good and bad planets in my horoscope?
  5. It's DOB- 12/05/1982, TOB- 8.10 AM & POB- Hyderabad.
  6. Cany anyone please help me out in getting the answers for my above mentioned query. Please suggest me any occult remedy for Rahu and Ketu as both of them are exalted in my chart.
  7. You're right. I loose my temper very easily and get into fights for unrequired reasons. Is it going to be an arranged marriage for me or a love one? Are you sure that there is a chance of seperation or divorce written? Even if it is written, please be frank and tell me. In which year am i going to get married? And please tell me if its going to be a good one or not?
  8. Sanjeev Ji, i just replied to ur email. Please have a look at it.
  9. Is it that I will have fights with my spouse? Is there any kind of seperation or divorce written? I'm planning to get married to someone who lives away from my birth place. Is my marital life not going to be a good one? Please be free and open in your answers. I would be happy if you could give me frank answers. Thank you.
  10. To be frank with you webyogi ji, i didn't understand what you mentioned above. I'm sorry about it but i'm not able to figure out clearly your statements. Could you please elaborate the above same lines again and explain me in detail.
  11. Webyogi ji, can u please answer my question. Waiting for a response from you. Please be open and frank in your answer.
  12. Thank you Sanjeeva Ji for replying to my email. However, i've replied to your email with one more query. Expecting that you'd reply to it as well. Thank you.
  13. Sanjeeva Rao Ji... I have sent an email again. Please check the spam folder as well. My email id is her1987@ibibo.com. Please have a look at it.
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