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  1. Can u give complete details as outlined in my post?
  2. don't get too emotional..as it may lead to impulsive decisions.
  3. Money will affect ur life and especially marital life. such indications r their in ur chart. u r romantic at heart..and remarriage is a possibility if this current marriage doesn't work out. but be careful while taking decisions. as of now, u don't hv any strong malefic influence on ur chart.
  4. Can u ask a more specific question?
  5. Interesting chart indeed. Jupitar being in 10th house..it takes care of a lot of things. You can sustain in usa..it depends on u..how much time u want. coming days are good for u..but i guess u must hv struggled about 3 yrs back. financial prediction too is sound. u will make money in ur career.
  6. Restarting my old thread which I had stopped because I was busy with some personal matters: Shree Ganeshaay namah. I am learning astrology and I would like to give free astrology consultation. You can ask me specific questions. Please note that I am not yet an absolute expert and hence there is no guarantee as such abt my predictions. I would be honest about it. But I have been doing predictions which have been often close to accuracy under my guru's guidance. You can ask me by giving following details- Date, place, time of birth Your gender, current location profession (working/student/which field) family details (married/unmarried/divorced, kids details (if any), details of how many siblings, details of parents) Your specific question You can also send me your details thr' private message. Please note that it takes whole lot of time to analyse a kundali as many different factors have to be considered. Hence, it is much easier to answer a specific question. So if you can be as specific as possible, it will help. Also, for those of you who have taken readings from me previously, it will be great if you could report about the actual happenings.
  7. I would advise you to think from all angles abt the proposal from this guy and not jump into any relationship without thinking. Don't get carried away in emotions, take a careful decision- whatever it is. Especially since he is married and not yet divorced and not even applied for divorce. do u hv sm1 elder in family u can talk to abt this? ur financial situation can improve in future, but progress will be slow. Finally- is there one for you? This question is difficult to answer as yes or no, but i dont really see any major roadblock in ur chart if u want to remarry. so stay positive.
  8. extremely sorry to know about your loss. there is possibility of childbirth in 2010-12 period. one or two kids. a girl most probably.
  9. Ketu Dasha doesn't affect everyone in d same way. In your case, I dont see major probs, since it is in the 9th house. It will affect your peace of mind, happiness and property related matters to an extent..but no major loss or problem is seen in ur chart.
  10. Delay in child birth is very much clearly indicated in ur chart. so this delay can be there, but it is not impossible. favorable period is 2010.
  11. I don't know your Ishta Dev/Devi. You have posted as two different ppl???
  12. Interesting horroscope. The planetary positions in your chart indicate late marriage. So the delays in marriage proposals etc. are as expected as per ur chart. You are manglik as well..and manglik ppl usually settle down late in life. period after mid-2010 is good for u. Your would be husband will be romantic and knowledgeable.
  13. It will be a while before you get a satisfying new job. in the meanwhile, you may get a temporary job but u will change it again in 2010 or so. Money and mental peace..both do have a problem in your chart. but things may improve in future as u grow older. no problems from step mother are seen but ur mother in law and ur interests may clash.
  14. Please give your birthdate in date-month-year format. like - 1st april 1975 and not 1-4-75
  15. Your career will be good..you are likely to make money in your work. profession with a high degree education will also work out for you. and if not that, a traditional profession/business will also be good. you are more likely to go abroad for short trips rather than permanently settle there. overall i dont see any major probs as such guru is fine..dont worry abt it.
  16. i looked in detail for marriage-related thing coz that's what u had asked about.there is one good point in ur chart- that ur child will be good looking and smart. ofcourse, child related prediction has to be done with both husband and wife's charts so i cannot be 100 per cent sure abt it.
  17. I won't be able to predict without birth time..it wont be accurate.
  18. This is a bad phase..another 1.5 yrs is bad..after that good planetary position for marriage n related developments. u will get a good husband. he would be loyal, sensitive and well educated. u are not manglik. mid-2011 onwards is good time for u.
  19. yes u hv ketu mahadasha..still getting job in 2010 would not be a problem. But u may hv to face sm major interpersonal issues at work..that's how i interpret it. u r not a manglik..but still due to sm malefics, marriage may be delayed. also there is possibility of successful/unsuccessful love affair. marriage chances after 2012 are there. but it can delay further than that. husband will be very good educated..and if everything works out well, u two may hv perfect understanding between each other. God Bless.
  20. give the details - ur birthplace, time and date.
  21. Hi, being a manglik does delay marriage sometimes. U r a manglik and also have other malefics troubling you. It may happen that a proposal will come up but will fail at some stage. The next few yrs can be troublesome. Marriage possibility is very much there, but peaceful settlement in married life is not supported by the overall placement of planets. so while u will get married in d next few yrs, problems /arguments with husband can be there after marriage. Financially 'very' well off may not be possible. But u will be fine..u will do alright financially. There is a possibility of moving abroad in the coming yrs. Overall health will be OK.
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