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  1. Hello Astro102, sorry for the delay in replying to your reading of my chart. My wife, who is pregnant was admitted in hospital due to difficulty in pregnancy. She is alright now. you are correct about younger brother being an enemy, but sister is also very negative towards me. similiarly father has always been very strongly negative towards me right from my early childhood. Mother was also very possesive to the limit that she will tell people lies about me so that I just stay home with her. I left India only because I felt a negative atmosphere towards me from every single person Father-Mother-brother-sister. I did not go back to see them for 11 years. then from dec 2002 I started to go back to India because I wanted to marry. My Father tried every possible lie so that whoever was comming to see me as possible groom will stay away from me. (These lies include things like-he is a drug addict-he sells drugs in uk thats how he got rich otherwise he has no talent-he has about 6to10 wifes in uk he is marrying indian girl because he needs servant-etc. ) obviously none of it is true but in India everyone believes fathers-mother's version. I am only a secondary school teacher with average lifestyle in UK, i look rich only in India due to currency difference. anyway I finally got married and have one son and one baby on the way. marriage was arranged by my father's sisters who do not have good relationship with either my father or mother. My father did not attend the wedding. This August when I visited India took my wife and my son to dad's house as I have always stayed there even with all the negativity, they all ganged up against me and made me leave that house. They called the police telling them that I am there to do the "Kabja" obvuiously I left but it was very humilating as all the neighbours saw it. My brother does not live in that house he has a different house only my mum and dad lived their. Only reason for living their was their western style toilets. My brother runs a property dealing shop from the front room of this house. He has in the past told me to get out but I thought thats just silly bullying type of behaviour because of insecurity. now none of them are in talking terms with me, they have threatened that they know my uk address, they have lots of my-my wife and sons clothing, they say they can do black magick and that will destroy me!!!! though I do not believe in black magick but since my wife is having difficulty from the 3rd month onwards I wondered if they are making this happen???? hence searching for the answers your advice will be greatly valued. Shadwell6
  2. Hello Astro102, please tell me the signatures of the extereme sibling rivaliary (to the limit of getting me out of family home when I visited India in aug 2008 although they knew i am there for summer vaccation)and extereme negativity from parents side especially from father's side, on my chart? my details are as below: 27/09/1968 , place: rohtak, haryana, india, time of birth:approx 6:40 pm Your gender: male, current location: london uk profession : teacher of mathematics uk school family details married, one son 7/may/07, one younger brother 5/5/71 one older sister 23 july 1965, mother housewife father 10/12/1938 6:30 pm rtd major now businessman I will appreciate if you could find time to look for the astrological reasons for this situation. thank you
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