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  1. Lotusflower, I thought so. That's dark.. and indeed scary. Narasingh, calm down. My prerequisite ? non-cult, non-fanatic, highly spiritual.
  2. Very specifically currenlty I need a guru to give me deeksha. I understand there are many advertisement about it but its difficult to trust in this age. And it will also not hurt to get a guru who can lead towards enlightenment but that is sceondary to me right now.
  3. Indeed there is an epidemic of false gurus. Right now I am just looking for a deeksha guru.
  4. Hi, I am looking for advice on how to find a guru. I was advised a sadhana for astrological purposes and just wondering how do people go about finding a guru. Thanks and Regards.
  5. Mr. mukunda, Your remarks are sexist, racist and extremist. Dharma and society rules are not absolute rules but they are relative to the needs of time. Means these rules are artificial and are created by humans. Meera bai's story highlights devotion and her will to walk the path of trouble for love of God. This is called relegious fanatism under which you go to such extreme to question Mira bai herself. She was given poison. Did she die of poison ? No she was said to be rescued by lord Krishna. So lord krishna rescued someone who did not follow the path of karma? You know how she left this world ? She disappeared in lords Murty itself in Vrindavan. But you say she abondoned her duty towards her husband and if you are not a racist than accept that Shri RamKrishn Paramhans, Vivekanand and all the men who renounced the world for God have abondoned their duty and they should reborn and get back their 'karma'. You could see the realities of 'foreign' woman dancing. There are some more realities like some 'born' hindu brahmin pujari involved in sex scandles and child abuse. I am sure I need not give example you can find plenty if u want to. A Brahmin is Brahmin by his karma not by birth. You should revise your definitions of dharma. I would recommand a book to you 'Riddles in hinduism' by the founder of the largest constituion in this world Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar. Though I suspect you will be able to grasp the main idea of that book because these definition of dharma engraved in your mind are result of years built up psychology. Last point, are your mother, sister, daughter and wife aware of your ideas about women ?
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