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    Take Evolution for example. 150 years ago, people in India could not know what Evolution (like West came to know) means. Yet by studying the Attributes as shown in Maha Vishnu's Avatar, one could able to derive this knowledge in theory.


    Science in India was much more advanced than the west in the other Yugas. It is only only in Kaeli Yuga, the present metal age, the Vedic Knowledge is degrading and this was predicted in the Vedas long back. I beleive the Avatars of Vishnu are REAL and they are not just for the purpose of learning about evolution. According to Vedic knowledge we are in Kaeli Yuga, which lasts 432,000 years. The avatars of Maha Vishnu has taken place throughout these Yugas. Man did actually exist for millions of years, but the Western ideas forbid it. Refer to this



    ISKCON researchers have compiled evidence supporting the Vedic picture of the age of the human species.


    Modern science tells us that anatomically modern man has been around for only about 100,000 years. The Vedic writings say he has been here a lot longer. Now a book from the Bhaktivedanta Institute takes a new look at the scientific evidence. That evidence, says the book, has been fudged.


    The authors are Michael Cremo (Drutakarma Dasa) and Richard L. Thompson (Sadaputa Dasa), both regular contributors to BTG, and Stephen Bernath (Madhavendra Puri Dasa). Their book uncovers a startling picture not only of what the evidence is and what it means but also of how science reached its story.


    It seems permissible, therefore, to consider a possibility neither Tuttle nor Leakey mentioned - that creatures with modern human bodies to match their modern human feet lived in East Africa some 3.6 million years ago. Perhaps, as suggested in the illustration on the opposite page, they coexisted with more apelike creatures.


    As intriguing as this possibility may be, current ideas about human evolution forbid it. Knowledgeable persons will warn against suggesting that anatomically modern human beings existed millions of years ago. The evidence of the Laetoli footprints is too slim.


    But there is further evidence. Over the past few decades, scientists in Africa have uncovered fossil bones - apparently millions of years old - that look remarkably human.


    At Kanapoi, Kenya, in 1965, Bryan Patterson and W. W. Howells found a surprisingly modern humerus (upper arm bone). Scientists judged it more than 4 million years old. Henry M. McHenry and Robert S. Corruccini of the University of California said the Kanapoi humerus was "barely distinguishable" from that of modern man.


    Then there is the ER 1481 femur - a thighbone found in 1972 in Lake Turkana, Kenya. Scientists normally assign it an age of about 2 million years and say it belonged to the prehuman Homo habilis. But Richard Leakey said the femur matches those of modern humans. And since the femur was found by itself, one cannot rule out the possibility that the rest or the skeleton was also anatomically modern.


    Forbidden Archeology by Michael Cremo (Drutakarma Dasa)





    What my understanding of this is, the theory of evolution of man rising from the water and becoming more and more human, being analogical to the avatars of Vishnu seems to be incorrect.


    Of course Hinduism itself is based on Vedas, which means absolute knowledge. The original pure Hinduism beleived in Knowledge rather than hard work. According to these sanskrit words,


    Avidyaaya Mruthyum Theerthwaa

    Vidyaaya Amruthamasnuthe


    Use the scientific knowledge to tackle problems in our life and use the spiritual knowledge to attain immortality through philosophical outlook.


    For example by using astrology, we can get ourselves detatched from material lives, because our method of astrology is based purely upon the position of the planets and Karmic patterns unlike the fake western astrology. Using astrology we can ascertain our Karma in the material life and choose our reactions to the events in our lives in a favourable way to avoid bad Karma and bad situations in our next life since according to Hinduism the soul is eternal, and that is what "immortality" implies in the above quote.


    The Hinduism what we see today is truncated due to the influence of Bhuddism, Christianity, Islam etc, where prefence is given to materialistic faiths. Today people only hope to use astrology for material gains and fool themselves. Other religions do not insist on the eternal nature of soul as much as Hinduism does. In fact there was no other religion for millions of years in the past and so Hinduism itself is not a Religion. Astrology is pure knowedge,using the position of the planets and how old is it? While the West was fooling themselves with the fact that the earth was flat and the sun revolves around it.:wacko:


    Not to mention zero and modern numbers actually originated from India.


    There is more knowledge in the Vedas than any other science can teach.

  2. Hinduism is millions of years old.



    If you look at the origins of the major religions, the stories are remarkably similar to those we hear today from people claiming to have met, or been abducted by,extraterrestrials. Mohammed, the founder of Islam in the seventh century, said that he had been visited by the Angel Gabriel, who was "in the likeness of a man, standing in the sky above the horizon".2 This figure told him he had to be a prophet, and he was given messages which formed the Islamic holy book, the Koran. These messages would be dictated while Mohammed was in a trance on many other occasions in the years that followed. He also wrote of going on a 'celestial journey'.


    Many people in the modern world who claim to have experienced extraterrestrial contact have said the same as Mohammed. Saul of Tarsus, better known as St Paul, was the man who changed the image of Y'shua (Jesus)3 into the saviour-godmessiah from which the Christian religion was spawned. This happened after he had a 'vision' of Y'shua on the road to Damascus. He also talked about being 'taken up' into heaven, or a number of different heavens (dimensions). Speaking of himself, he wrote:

    "I know a man in Christ who fourteen years ago was caught up to the third heaven. Whether he was in the body or out of the body, I do not know - God knows. And I know that this man - was caught up in Paradise. He heard inexpressible things, things that man is not permitted to tell."

    2 Corinthians 12: 2-4


    And the Truth Shall set you Free by David Icke


  3. Krishna is an Avatar of Vishnu.


    He came down to destroy evil and establish his devotees like he always did in his previous avatars. He did not come down to preach or teach or brainwash. It is as simple as that.


    In fact Hindusm exists for all the Yugas throughout time where Lord Vishnu has taken avatars.


    It is in Kaeli Yuga Religions were created. Who knows, how many "Gods" or "Prophets" or "Religions" will rise in the following years to come? And all that we cannot compare with Krishna and Rama or Parasurama.




    "The first truth stated here got Giordano Bruno burned at the stake in AD 1600 for daringto propose that it was real. THE SECOND TRUTH HAS GOTTEN FAR MORE PEOPLE KILLED TRYING TO STATE IT PUBLICLY THAN WILL EVER BE KNOWN. (Note: emphasis here and throughout this section is ours. - Branton)



    "But the truth must be told. The fact that the Earth revolves around the sun was successfully suppressed by the [Roman] church for over 200 years. It eventually caused a major upheaval in the church, government, and thought. A realignment of social and traditional values. That was in the 1600's.







    "The officer also relates the fact that the EBE's claim to have created Christ. The EBE's have a type of recording device that has recorded all of Earth's history and can display it in the form of a hologram. This hologram can be filmed but because of the way holograms work does not come out very clear on movie film or video tape. The crucifixion of Christ on the Mount of Olives (this actually took place on the hill Calvary, not the Mt. of Olives - Branton) has allegedly been put on film to show the public. The EBE's 'claim' to have created Christ, which, IN VIEW OF THE 'GRAND DECEPTION', COULD BE AN EFFORT TO DISRUPT TRADITIONAL VALUES FOR UNDETERMINED REASONS.



    From : The Dulce Book by Branton





    I know imposters may reply, but i care not. This post can be deleted. But i care not. I have to do my duty, to tell Hindus what i have discovered. I am also writting a book based on my research and experiences. I am now sailing and came ashore in the port of Aden. I did not even read the posts of imposters in my other thread. Imposters dont have any feelings. They are task oriented and well trained to brainwash communities which the Christian missionaries are upto. This is well known by all Hindus. Imposters may rise, and fall they support each other, to make others believe they are correct. All to make Hindus to fear and be afraid to talk about their experiences. All of them are trying to control the minds of Hindus to make them forsake Hinduism. But it will not simply happen.



  4. Just too many imposters doing undercover operation.


    I dont understand why there aint any laws against imposters, in forums or as well as in land of Hindus, Hindustaanam? If a Hindu just talks a little too far, he may be arrested and a case is filed. Why arent there any laws for brainwashing and illegal conversions? Imposters want me to simply talk about our Gods and dont create awareness because they can continue their job of brainwashing.


    When a Hindu talks about his relegious faiths this is what happens, imposters dont like it, naturally.


    But always keep in mind, HINDUISM will Triumph.


    With that said , i am out for my next sailing and plan my next moves, may not come back to this forum again.


    There are too many imposters, as i said before they are kissing the "backs" of Christians or the Muslims. (I am just telling in general, do not mention anyone in particular, i do not want to hold anything personal against anyone, ONLY CHEAP "BACK" KISSING IMPOSTERS WANT TO DO THAT).


    Good Bye.

  5. Kanda Shasti Kavasam is sung in praise of Lord Muruga. A verse from this clearly states Lord Muruga will save us from all evil entities. Also all kinds of evil entities are mentioned in this devotional poem sung in Praise of Lord Muruga.



    Billi Soonyam Perumpahai Ahala

    Valla Bootham Valaashtihap Peihal

    Allal Paduthum Adangaa Muniyum


    Pillaihal Thinnum Puzhakadai Muniyum

    The above verses are sung to praise Lord Muruga to save us from the evil and demonic entities.




    Even in epics and puranas evil entities are mentioned and how our Gods and Godesses have saved us from evil. Also this yuga being Kaeli Yuga, the faith of the people in our Gods and Godesses is deteriorating. One of the reasons for this is, Gods do not appear in front of man like in other Yugas. So people loose their faith in God. The evil also does not show itself directly, but it does it indirectly in a covert way. (Just consider the example of Imposters in a Hindu forum, we can consider evil entities control these imposters) Just think how treacherous and cunning they are, to act like Hindus and divert us. This is clear proof that it is the path of ABSOLUTE ADHARMA. Without faith in our Gods, people are vulnerable towards evil.



    I had little faith in our Gods, until i encountered evil(those entities encountered by westeners as "aliens"). The evil existed such that i could not easily identify it. I identified it with its natural curiosity to make me give up Hinduism and our Gods and by doing research to know what is happening in the world.



    After i realised the truth, i had a choice. To either give up our faith in Gods and give up Sanathana Dharma or to fight evil using Sanathana Dharma. I chose the second option. Then i started researching about the greatness of Sanathana Dharma, the puranas and the epics and what is told in the vedas. Then i realised our Gods and Godesses are all real, they all really exist, we cannot see them or realise them in this material world because this is KAELI YUGA. Because of that reason we should not give up our faith in our Gods.



    Imposters may try to troll and brainwash, but always keep in mind, why would imposters be so much interested in brainwashing us?

  6. Worthless swines want to disrupt a Hindu forum.


    Not only forums, these sorts of people are among us in Hindustaanam.


    Hindus today cannot even freely talk about their beleifs and faiths. The voices of Hindus are not even considered by the Government. If the Government is not secular enough, then scandals start occuring in the country.


    Even though we got independence, we are not free from imposters. Virtually these imposters are controlling us. In a forum, if a Hindu posts his views, he may be suppressed in the name of secularism. If not then criticism. If he cannot be suppressed, then he will be trolled with worthless posts, then at last he realises, this is the state of Hinduism, no one can do anything about it.



    However i know Hindu Gods are REAL, i know it from my own personal experience, from all i have been through. The more some force is trying to make me give up Hinduism, the more i get attached to it, realising the greatness of it.

  7. Dear Hindus,


    What i notice in this forum, so as well as other Hindu forums, there are imposters(a person who practices deception under an assumed character, identity, or name)in disguise within ourselves. I dont think a Hindu will be an imposter in a Christian forum or a Muslim forum. With that said we know it ourselves Hinduism is the GREATEST ETERNAL RELIGION in the whole world for all times.



    The first thing you must do is be aware of yourself, and our Sanathana Dharma. What these imposters do, they "act" to be Hindus, try to create controversies within Hindus, with that done slowly they thrust their faiths upon us. For example, by creating controversies between Shiva and Vishnu, they thrust their "One God" concept upon us, later brainwash it with their own God.



    May be these imposters already know each other and are doing a planned operation. So always be vigilant and watch out for any abnormal posts and analyse that poster's intensions. This can be done because those trying to act as imposters, if we are not aware of it, they only consider us as fools.


    We have a long tradition of calling India Bharatvarsha. So why would I go and call it Hindustan because some Arabs did it later( may be a 1000 years ago from today, but still later). So Deutschland is called Germany by English speakers, Allemagne by the French- does it mean Germans also call it by any of these names ?


    Ok in your opinion you need not do it.


    Lets end it there.

  9. Soma Juice,


    You are not welcome here if you want to create diversions.


    If you are from the west and if you are a Christian, you beleive in Christian faith, you better not post here. You have a lot of Christian forums with Christian faiths out there to discuss, troll, quench your curiosity on Da Vinci Code and what went on in the west or whatever. There you will very well get the answers you expect. :)


    Dont troll in a Hindu forum and try to create diversion.


    You may not have self respect, if you do, dont troll again, dont post again. Dont expect Hindus to behave the same way you do.

  10. Monday, February 25, 2008


    Boycott Jodhaa Akbar Movie.





    This is an awareness drive to awake people to boycott movie 'Jodhaa Akbar'.


    The movie Jodhaa Akbar is a vile, vicious, and covert attempt by a mischievous producer/director from Bollywood (Mumbai) to make quick bucks by denigrating and vilifying the Hindu (Rajput) people. Sonia's (Antonia Maino) Congress government promptly banned 'Da Vinci Code' movie after Christians' protest, but this Secular (?) government is so insensitive about Hindus protest about 'Jodhaa-Akbar' !



  11. The very first reply to a post about Hindu unity is a disagreement. Followed by other disagreements.


    However i do beleive there are people who understand me, and may not post a reply. I want this sense of unity among Hindus.


    Even in a forum of Hindus, India cannot be called Hindustaanam?


    This is why Da Vinci Code is banned and Jodha Akbar sweeps awards in a country like this.


    It is possible that the purana that you quoted itself is of recent origin. Normally purana and Agama are themselves different kind of texts.. Our disagreement is minor



    This is exactly what i meant in the original post.


    Dear Hindus, these are our weaknesses.


    Disagreements in every small issues. However, whichever origin it may be, the word "Hindustaanam" or "Hindustan" is obviously meaning "LAND OF HINDUS". We are Hindus. May be Christians and Muslims do not like our land being called "Hindustaanam". I do not understand why a Hindu feels it hard to call his land Hindustaanam? Leave alone whichever origin (purana or agama) it may be. I mean this is natural hostility and leads to more more arguments, while other sources take advantage of it. Or may be the source starting this argument itself is a NON HINDU. Or may be a Hindu inclined towards Islam or Crhristianity, who wants to slowly deteriorate Hinduism. Perfect example of this is here, just like in this thread:





    Some treacherous swine started this thread and we Hindus started arguing about it, others watch it happen. The person who started it may be a Christian or a Muslim. Even if someone's username is of Hindu and his avatar is of Hindu, only by his behaviour we can say whether or not he is a Hindu.



    WE ARE HINDUS. We can call our land Hindustan, Hindustaanam, India, Bharat, anyway we feel like. Like the British call their land Britain, United Kingdom, England etc. Are there not minorities in UK?



    Also Good and Evil, Dharma and Adharma, are all analogous, as long as we all abide by Sanathana Dharma. Disagreements within Hindus should be eliminated. This is the first step towards unity.


    However Hindus do not believe in EVIL. We only believe in Adharma or Avidya. Adharma and Avidya both exist with the will of the Divine and are not separate from Him/Her. There is no irredemable, polar bad guy or bad gal here. All are creations of the one Divine.



    I was referring to the epics and the puranas. For humans it is dharma and adharma. Whenever humans are not able to counter the adharma of Ravana, Naragasura, etc, they called Lord Vishnu to end their atrocities. Lord Vishnu, the divine being incarnated on Earth to end their atrocities. By doing so he is agreeing to take the hardships of life as a human being on Earth. In Rama avatar, he underwent so many difficulties being born as a Human. Being born as a human is a very difficult task.


    I was just wondering, if Lord Vishnu does take birth on Kaeli Yuga, how many hardships he has to undergo? He will not be respected by people, and face so many insults, and many more hardships of Kaeli Yuga.


    So as far as we, as Humans must abide by the path of dharma.

  14. Upanishads and the epics which have shaped the ethos on which this nation is evolved. For those who think that the word "Hindu" is religious and is of a recent origin, let me quote from Agama Purana: Himaalayam samaarabhya / Yaavad Indu/sarovaram / Tham deva nirmitham desom / Hindustaanam prajakshatheth.

    It means, "This God's own land which extends from Himalaya to Indu sea is called Hindustaanam."



  15. My remark on caste should not be taken in a wrong way.


    I myself is from a lower caste. I found that the weakness lies in the fact that we do not follow the ways of Sanathana Dharma. I followed the ways of Brahmins and i am really living a peaceful life and got a successful job. Most of the problems in life are solved by following the path of Dharma.



    So my point is, irrespective of caste, every Hindu should learn the ways of Brahmins and start practicing it. Like learning sanskrit, vegeterianism, using astrology etc. Even if the Brahmins themselves involve in non-Brahminism, we people still can make it survive.




    God is equal to all. So is astrology. It is not be discussed pertaining to one class of people. Tribes in the forests can provide u the finest of cures to different ailments which even our modern physicians (both ayurvedic and alopathy) can,t do. It is a result of extreme knowledge derived from ancesters and through practice. Very simple.



    What i said is based on my personal experience. Brahmins are more knowledgeable with sanskrit and other castes do not. Is this not true?


    An astrologer knowing Sanskrit will be much more skilled than an astrologer without sanskrit knowledge. All this was only for guidance. Selecting an astrologer and trusting him depends on the individuals will.


    One more guidance i can give is, do not trust an astrologer without analysing his skills. Just give your Horoscope to an astrologer and listen to what he says. Some may be 40% accurate and some may even be 90% accurate. If you find him predicting accurately, try giving him your relatives horoscopes and see if he predicts well.


    I have done a research into Astrology. I took two horoscopes of a man and a woman who are already married recently and the man had committed suicide. He is no more. I went to the astrologer asking to match the horoscope for the two without telling him the truth. By looking at the man's horoscope he correctly predicted that man is crazy, also he told there is something wrong with that horoscope and asked me if his father died. I doubt he found out that man is already dead. Regarding the woman's horoscope he told, she is having a "mangalya dosham" and before marriage she must go to a particular temple to do some puja. He told not to marry this man. I asked him, what will be the state of life if the two are married. He replied in one sentence that the woman will have serious problems and this man will be very peaceful.



    Please dont try this with any other astrologer. I heard some of them tend to get angry. But you can analyse the fact that how much he is telling about yourself, your life your character upto the present. With this, you can very well decide you can trust him for the future or not.

  17. All Hindus must follow the path of Dharma in Kaeli Yuga. Adharmic acts should not be tolerated at any cost. Many threads are raised regarding this issue, but i want to do my part.



    Da Vinci code by Dan Brown is perfectly legal in the United States. Why the movie was banned in Hindustaanam? Because Hindus should not be aware of what is happening in the west? Hindus should not have general knowledge?



    While Jodha Akbar is perfectly legal in India sweeping awards.



    One of the reasons for the above causes is, Hindus are involved in civil wars among themselves regarding caste problems and Shaivites and Vaishnavites are involving in arguments leading to total destruction of Hinduism.



    Dear Hindus, please stop the arguments on civil issues. Rather please follow the path of dharma. There are a lot we can learn from the Brahmins. There is a lot we can learn from Sanskrit and Astrology and how to pray and worship our Gods and Godesses, how to live a peaceful life. We can follow vegeterianism, after all it is a healthy way of life. A person however strong he is, today a bullet to the head will end his life in an instant. Every one of us Hindus can learn Brahminism and get attached to our Gods.



    Stop having fears. Hindustaanam cannot be destroyed by any force.



    But we must be prepared for any sort of invasion or attacks which can only be possible if we are united. If we are involved in civil issues, it is easier for other sources to infiltrate us and divert us. This infiltration and diversion can come in any form, it need not be human. After all throughout the yugas our Gods and Godesses are protecting us from evil entities. A person who does not beleive in the existence of evil should not beleive in the existence of God. Throughout vedas and puranas we can learn the influence of evil, in Ramayana, Mahabharatha, everything. Every epic describes involvement of Gods and Godesses in battling evil to save humanity. So please be united, follow the path of dharma, learn the ways of Sanathana Dharma, be attached to our Gods and Godesses, they are the only ones who can take care of our souls and help us defend Humanity.

  18. Most Brahmins are intelligent and today even if you consult a Brahmin doctor, chances of your problem getting cured is more than visiting a SC/ST/lower caste doctor who did not graduate on merit. I have seen it myself.



    If we look into little deeper, i can see Brahmins use the astrology concepts to the modern Kali Yuga, for todays technology and nature.



    The accurate matching of horoscopes for marriages allows them even to predict the nature of the groom or bride before marriage. When matched perfectly, even their child is born with a higher IQ. The chances of making a physically defective child is almost nill. All of this is possible only by astrology and even if there are problems with a horoscope, they can correctly predict the remedy of worshipping the correct God or Godess so that the negativity is reduced. It is also possible to find out chances of premature deaths and accidents possibly occurring in the future and avoid them.



    Astrology is a very perfect way to live a life free of fear and anxiety, at the same time being attached to our Gods.


    To conclude I can say that we should go for a much deep root. I do not want to say its fake but search for the root. There are people who predict without even asking for money. They may be dwelling in the hills or even on the road near u. On top of all trust GOD. He is the supreme. If GOD knows u r right and decides to lead u to success, no astrologer can act against HIS (GOD) will. An astrologer is also a human being. Don't fall victims to fake.


    Faking is not only in Astrology, there are fakes in Teaching in schools, Doctors and many more. In India, in schools if they do not teach the basics well, the students do not get knowledge. If you go to a doctor who did not get his knowledge, then you are risking your life. Living the path of Dharma and being attached to God, is the very basic way to counter any kind of problem in life.



    I can say the secret of Brahmins lies in astrology, sanskrit and in vegeterianism. Brahmins in India have mostly always been successful since vedic times. While few others cast aspersions on them and make fun of them. Their secret lies in sanskrit, vegeterianism and Astrology. An astrologer who is a brahmin will be very skilled, because they KNOW SANSKRIT and all the secrets of life.



    Nadi Josium, i have heard from my astrologer that it is also a very ancient technique and with the fingerprint, it is possible to draw the chart without needing the person's date, time and place of birth. But it is questionable whether that technique is plausible today. Moreover, they question the person and get the answers mostly from the person itself. Further more, i heard that they can predict a person's life only upto the present and future prediction is not reliable.



    The most accurate Astrology is the method of getting the chart drawn with the date, time and place of birth. The prediction of future and interpretation depends on the astrologer's skill and inclination towards Sanathana Dharma and spiritualism.

  20. I told clearly i can provide any LOGICAL proof you need. If you are a Hindu preacher, or some sort of a Hindu Leader who are preaching about anti conversions, please send me a PM or contact me. I will take you to all the victims of mind control i know and we can also go and visit the College where the hybrid studied. Because this information must spread among the Hindus.



    The Hybrid does exist and influenced so many people with telepathy and mind control. All these diversions in this thread are meant to suppress this fact.

  21. There you go you see the real nature of Soma Juice, who has no self respect calling me an asshole, while that poster is involving in kissing the asses of the Christians and want to post in a Hindu Forum like this? Logically he is more both homosexual and heterosexal and want to use these words to DIVERT THE EXPERIENCES I HAD.



    Irrefutable evidence about mind control.



    Cool down asskisser, may be you need more dirty asses to kiss?

  22. Possible that creation of a perfect alien-human hybrid is a matter of high probability and technology. Sometimes the aliens may succeed in creating a Hybrid for MASSIVE MIND CONTROL which is highly improbable. If one in a million cases if the embryo does survive and exhibits human appearance, they use the hybrid to infiltrate human society.


    However i cannot find out the real reason because i am only along the course of reasearch. If the grey aliens can produce so many Hybrids like the one i encountered, then they can easily control people's minds to get converted in to a different relegious faith to divert from Hinduism.

  23. Whatever i am posting here, i am posting it with logical back up. Whenever i interpret something it has a logical back up, it is not some simple story of imagination. For example, i told the dhanava and daityas or the grey aliens left Hindustanam and concentrated on the west. I interpreted this and i did find some material evidence here:





    We are told in the Bible that the three wise men followed a moving star, which led them to the location of Jesus. It has been postulated that maybe this star was really Haley’s Comet, as calculations suggest that the comet was in the sky at the time; however, a comet would be pointless and difficult to follow. Alternatively, believers of the “ancient astronaut” theory have suggested that the star could have been a UFO, which the wise men were compelled to follow via telepathic communication with the aliens (which is commonly reported in alien abduction reports).


    The birth of Jesus might be elucidated by the speculation that aliens visited Mary in her sleep (which she perceived as a dream in which she was visited by angels). The aliens could have artificially inseminated her with genetically engineered, or possibly even alien sperm; and this could explain the superhuman abilities which Jesus was reported to have had, and also the fact that Mary gave birth while she was still a virgin. So, perhaps Jesus was one of the first alien-human hybrids.


    Or maybe the fundamentalist Christians were right all along (after all, the Sun does revolve around the Earth, the Earth is at the centre of the Universe, and all the other religions are wrong anyway, aren’t they?)



  24. You can clearly see soma Juice made a statement like Hindus are not supporting me. I made my agenda very clear. Soma Juice is looking at me as a "Hindu Missionary" who wants Hindus to hold on to their faiths and not get converted.


    What is wrong with Soma Juice? I do not want the Hindus to raise and support me. I made my agenda very clearly. According to dharma, i have to publicize my experiences with the grey aliens, mind control, their hybrid and their ultimate goal of destroying Hinduism to take over Humanity. I only want Hindus to be aware of this. I made it very very clearly. I do not want Hindus attacking Christians or Hindus supporting me against Christians in this forum. It is against Dharma.


    How many times i tell this, Soma Juice will treat me as a "Hindu" missionary. How many times should i say my agenda? My words are not even considered by Soma Juice. There is something clearly wrong with Soma Juice, and all of us Hindus can certainly be aware of it. If that poster is a Hindu, he/she is mind controlled by the grey aliens, or that poster is a Christian missionary being mind controlled which is evident in his/her BEHAVIOUR and INSTINCTS which i encountered before.

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