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  1. Since you asked and from your question you appear to be some one looking for an answer just as I am looking if you happen to know the answer please let me know whether I had replied correctly.
  2. in otherwise case for people like us I have heard of a software named Parashara Lite this can be used for calculations etc
  3. Gaurav I am also trying to learn how to find out Ishta Devta from morning I have found in my searches some understanding based on that I find that in your horoscope Jupiter is having 327 degrees so this should be strongest planet I am not sure though and in your Navamansha Chart Jupiter is placed in Gemini Sign The house just before it which should be able to tell ur Ishta is actually empty and on some other thread I read if this is the case then the house 2nd from Karkmansa should be read which is also empty in your case In this case I am not able to understand when the houses are empty then how do we decide the Ista Devta ?? Is it the lord of Rashi just before the Karkmansa in your Chart which in your case is Vrishabha and its lord is Venus whose deity shoukd be Durga Ji If I am not wrong but Gaurav don't take my advice at all seriously because I am not at all sure of this analysis that I have done, I am posting it so that if some one replies to your question I will also be able to understand what mistake I have done or I have done it correctly or not.
  4. If some one is reading this thread and wants to tell me some thing please add in here I am curious to know the lordships of planets for knowing their ruling deities
  5. ok I have searched more and learned how to count the counting begins from the house karkamasa that is how we start one two three and go on......
  6. I had searched this forum and got that we should see the placement of AK in chart and then in from Karkamasa we study my confusion is that how do I count 12th house from Karkmasa should the counting for number one one begin with the house Karkmasa or leave that house and begin 1 from next house I am not an astrologer just a curious student Gemini being my Lagna lord gives me inquisitiveness to such subjects If my understanding is correct hence please tell me how should counting be done in Navamansha chart or Lagna Chart etc
  7. Hi I want to know my Ishta Deva 28th Nov 1982 Time 19:40 Place Fatehgarh (U.P.)
  8. I need some advice regarding behavior and nature of Rahu I want to know how can some one get positive results from Rahu even if placed in a bad position in Horoscope I also want to know the behavior as well as positive and negative effects of Rahu if placed in Lagna which specially for Gemini Ascendants I have come across some links on goggle which say if Rahu is placed before Saturn then it gives good results but i am not clear with it. Is this placement of Rahu good for career but destroys martial relationships. I have done posts less than 15 so I am not able to post the exact link where I got this information it is restricted by the forum moderators. I came to know from the link that bad effects of Rahu can be checked by strengthening Mercury.Would wearing Emerald and Hessonite together would prove beneficial.
  9. Hi my DOB is 28th Nov 1982 place is Fathegarh (UP) time 19:40 I came to know that a Gemini Ascendant should not wear a Yellow Sapphire unless advised by an expert Astrologer.Here I would like to tell that my career graph has been declining for past months.(I read some where that if a Gemini ascendant faces troubles in his career he should wear Yellow Sapphire irrespective of any Dasha operating on him) Not sure whether this is right or wrong. a pearl should not be worn with Hassonite (Gomed) Emerald should not be wore with Pearl,Yellow Sapphire Venus is lord of 5th house (punya sthan) but placed in 6th house scorpio so though it is beneficial for jatak of this lagna in my case it may cause problems ripu bhaw Being a Gemini Mars is not good planet for me so I should avoid wearing a Red Coral (which will be helpful because my Rashi is Aries) also Yellow Sapphire does not help me.(Being Gemini) What should I wear
  10. thank u but I am searching for a pic in which she has sword tilted downwards some one told me that it is rare to get such a pic so I am asking if any one can help.
  11. Hi I need a pic of Katyayani devi if some one has a good link please give me here have searched net but not satisfied.
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