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  1. Namaskar, My son age 11 yrs is suffering from excessive urination. He is vata pitta child. I recently read lot of articles on bahumutrata, mutratisara. I checked his blood and urine reports. his reports have come normal. There is no diabetes. Often when his vata is distured, he passes more urine. i tried to gave him balck sesame seeds but his pitta gets distured and then he gets burining urination. I cannot give any herbs since majority of herbs are diurectic in nature and it leads to more urination. How do i stop his excess urination. Please help me. regards
  2. Namaste Dr. My son is six years old. Please suggest him medicine for my previous post
  3. namaste, would like your help in knowing massage oil for pitta and vata prakruti child. Oil should not be heaty and also it should not increase kapha. also what medicine would be usefull for child to bring his vata in balance ? my child often bytes his nail, gets afraid of anything. also he passes stool on greener side. His agni is not strong and only when his vata is in balance, he eats properly. What medicine would be good for him which will calm his vata and not increase his pitta. kindly suggest some oil to put in his ear too since his ears are very dry and wax is dry too , sign of vata.
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