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  1. someone told me, that someone is using blackmagic on me? can anyone tell me how to go out from all this?
  2. TIME OF BIRTH: 10:25 am DATE OF BIRTH:april 7, 1973 PLACE OF BIRTH: NAGPUR/MAHARASHTRA/INDIA. SEX: MAE Your current status : Business Educational background:GRADUATE Work Industry and current salary: REAL ESTATE/20 K Major events ( Good and Bad ) of your life which you remember 1. MY FIRST SON:SEP 12,1996 2.MY SECOND SON NOV4,1999 3.LOST FATHER. JULY 11,2007 Family background Father : NO MORE Mother : Service Brothers : younger/32, IN CONSTRUCTION BUSINESS Sisters : DONT HAVE I WANT TO KNOW ABOUT MY BUSINESS WHY I AM BEING FAILURE AND FAILURE AGAIN ADN AGAIN, WHEN WILL MY TIME COME T
  3. i want to know is it possible for someone to do bandish for someone's business and money if yes then how to come out?
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