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  1. can you suggest me some gemstone which can help me out i will be really thankful to you...
  2. My id is drkireet@gmail.com it's my son's email id.
  3. This is sanjay from chd u have replied to my post 'can someone help' i want to tell you something that my birth date and time is doubtful but year is the same it was like this in 1956 i was 7 days old on Baisakhi and my time of birth was from 8-9 AM at Abhohar and as u have suggested Blue sapphire, i hv just worn Neeli (Substitute of Blue sapphire) this saturday (16th aug) as i tested neelam by tieing it on my arm while asleep and i dreamt of green farms so someone suggested me that it suits me. Please this is heartiest desire that you please look in to details and help me out. one more thing i have a son with following details: DOB: 4th Nov 1984 Time: 4:45 AM Place: Panipat Please recommend something for him also. I will be very thankful to you.
  4. I am not over ambitious but going through really tough time i have also invested at right time but didnt gained much from it and just in a week that same property sold out with much profit to someone else. Experts please advice......!!!!
  5. My details are: DOB: 7th April 1956 Place:Abhohar Punjab Time: 8:30 Am I am going through many financial losses due to deception in my life in lakhs. And where ever i invest in property money does not grow and i am working in a Bank where once i was also got a fake blame and i am servicing far away from my family and not getting transfered back to my home for the last several years on and off. There is lots and lots on tensions on my mind and i am also suffering from High B.P. If somebody can help me or suggest me something i'll be very thankful.
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