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  1. why dont you consult some good astrologer in delhi or around your place of residence.I think its no harm paying Rs 200-500 and getting advice from astrologer personally regards
  2. Hi All, Does anybody know a good , genuine,authentic astrologer in chennai, ? it will nice if you ( or your family, friends) had personal experience dealing with the astrologer Thanks
  3. Hello , I am out of job since october 2007 and still not able to find a job till date. I keep applying to jobs , either i dont get shortlisted and when get shortlisted I fail the interview due to nervousness and anxiety. Is i am being affeceted by shani ? if yes ,what lessons he is trying to teach which I fail to either understand or dont learn. Also I am not able to get married till date ? can someone tell me whats problem with my horoscope wrt to marriage. My details are DOB : 29-11-1971 Place of birth : Mumbai, India( matunga area) Time : Between 6am to 6:30am Name : Prashant Thanks
  4. 1) I am 37 year male and suffering from severe mental fatique for a long time.When I wake up in the morning , I feel lethargic,low in energy and whatever I do is slow.During the day I am slow in executing the tasks/activities at hand.Some simple tasks take longer time.Some even week/month as I keep postponing/procrastinating it.Is this mental fatique,slow mental quickness is caused due to stomach problems like indigestion/improper digestion,low appetite,heaviness of stomach after food,constipation as I am suffering from them for a long time. What is the good medicine to improve/better digestion and appetite and overcome constipation ? I heard triphala is good , is it so ? Is there a better medicine than triphala for digestion/appetite/constipation ? 2) Also I am suffering from attention deficit(ADD/ADHD) as I am not able to concentrate/focus on a particular task for a long time ( I can hardly concentrate for 5-10 minutes at a time, then I just walk around or start doing trivial things or indulge myself in listening music,net browsing etc just to escape from doing important things which is not helpful for me to complete my important tasks at hand).I become listless,waste time though I know there are importants tasks at hand that needs to be completed on high priority. Is this listlessness and attention deficit is caused due to improper/unhealthy digestion/appetite,constipation problems? Is shankpushpi is the good medicine for attention deficit and listlessness ? or any better medicine to overcome attention deficit and listlessness and improve focus and concentration ? Also I have low memory , this makes my work much more difficult as I am not able to recollect/grasps the things quickly.Any medicine to improve memory and intellect ? 3) I am anxious type of person.when I start working on any important tasks, I feel nervous and feels that the outcome will be negative and this adds more to my anxiety.Also any confrontation/arguments with people/colleaques makes me anxious.Is there any good body massage oil(or head massage oil ) to calm the nerves and bring peace to my mind ? is ksheerabala tailam is good to overcome anxiety or overactive nerves ? 4) Is there any particular chakra meditations and/or medical hypnosis for overcoming digestive problems,attention deficit,listlessness,anxiety or any yoigic asanas for above mentioned problems? Thanks Josh
  5. Hello Members Greetings ! I am seeing these problems for last 2 days . 1) My Right hand nerves are shaking/jerking.I aslo felt my stomach nerves jerking.They happen intermittently. 2) Few Red bumps/eczema on my stomach.Several Pimples on my face. For last 3 days , I am using ksheerabala tailam to massage my whole body(excluding face and head) and baidyanath mahabhringraj oil for head.Is these oils causing the above side effects. Since I am anxious type of person with very low concentration/attention( I am also ADD/ADHD) , I started using the ksheerabalam oil to calm my nerves as per the chemists recommendation for general body massage.Is this the oil to calm the nerves , to overcome anxiousness, attention deficit. Is this the right oil for above symptoms ? or something else should i try ? I am also taking dabur triphala ( 2 tablets per day, one each after food) and vizylac(lactic acid bacillus) 2 tablets per day to improve my appetite and digestion( I have low appetite , I feel full after eating small amount of food and I aslo have constipation) and feel heaviness in stomach after having the food.Also I am underweight by 7-8 kilograms.I want to improve my overall digestion/appetite.Is triphala is the right medication to improve digestion/appetite or there is something better that triphala.Is there any ayurvedic medication for weight gain ? Thanks Josh
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