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  1. I believe that God always have plans and it always turns out to be good. Your turn hasn't come yet. It is obvious that he is not interested in you and since you aren't very sure about yourself...why even bother? Time to move on and set focus on your real needs instead compromises. Best regards,
  2. Dear all, After a considerable gap I started my career in last oct'07 and I need to know when will I be able to get a stable permanent job and can actually save something financially. My husband is running Sukra dasha as per my mother in law and ...from last year it was like new location, new baby, new apartment and don't even ask about stress. Please predict my career and when will I be able to buy a house in my home town? (for my mom) When will we buy a house for ourselves in US?? Birth details: Aswini Nakshatra Mesha Rasi DOB: 22-Nov-1977 Time: 19:30 Place: near Bangalore, India My husband details: Punar Pusam Katakam DOB: 12-Feb-1968 Time: Don't know. Thank You.
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