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  1. Dear Astrouncle, Please correct me if I am worng. My jupiter Anterdasha would start from 29/06/2010 till then is it going to be same.
  2. Thank you Sir for your help
  3. Request anybody can help me on this.
  4. I request other Guru's to give their prediction. Regards,
  5. Dear Mr. Pablo/Mr. Sharma, As suggested by you in Jan I am going to get relief but its seems that its is becoming More & More though for me. Could you please relook & suggest. Thanks for your support.
  6. Hi, Request any body to help Regards
  7. I would request other guru's to give their views also.
  8. Thanks Pablo, I am male, could you please also let me know about marriage prospects also. Thanks & regards
  9. Dear Guru's, I am currently in the third phase of sade sati.I am facing of problems with my carrier. What ever I do , does not yields any thing. What Ever I try to do, it takes longer & even I had to put lot of effort to make it success.I am trying to put more & more effort but all in vain. & feeling de-motivated. Every body turned to be enemy. I am not still married please suggest if marriage if indicated in my life & by when. Please suggest when am I going get relief from these problems. I am born on 12 Oct 1971 at New Delhi at 6.35 Am. Thanks for your support Regards
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