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  1. Hellio Sanjeeva Ji, Thanks for the reply. I will follow as you have adviced. I have ordered for a pearl ring with gold for my right ring finger. Is that fine ? or you want me to change to little finger? What metal is best for pearl(Gold, White gold, Silver or Platinum) ? Please advice.
  2. Hello Giruji, Grave problems in the sense, what type of problems i will face ? I would appreciate if you could share.
  3. I have to do hardwork inorder to be sucessfull in any work. Lots of failure in my life related to daily life and profession. but now i have settled in a good job. Had problems in education but completed well(BE, MBA). My father met with a severe accident when i was 18yrs old and was hospitalised for nearly 2 yrs and he is fine now. I have problem with my stomach(Gastritis) and neck(cervical pain). which led to depression. Even now i lack energy, feel tired often. Still my heath problem is a major problem of my life. I am 5 9 tall,i was lean but now i am medium built. weatish brown complextion, round faced. Please advice guruji.
  4. Hi Guruji, I am 30 now. Still a bachelor, my marrieage is getting delayed. Can you please suggest when i will get married and how will be my marriage life DOB: 20-08-1978 Place: Namakkal Tiem : 5:51 AM IST.
  5. Hi All, What are effects of Venus+Mars+Rahu Combination in 3rd house. I Attached is my rasi chart. Please let me know the effects. DOB: 20-Aug-1978 Place: Namakal Time : 05:51 AM Thanks Dhinesh
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