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    Hope i replied you already.

    Can you ask on what points you want advise ? Be simple in asking.

    hello usrji,

    thank you if u have already replied but i did not get any reply from you. i am ckecking every 2-3 hours. if u ahve already replied, i am sorry i did not get it. could u please dend it again? sorry for the inconvenience.




    Dear Kavya,


    Gayatri mantra is supposed to wash away all sins. It is specially ment for that purpose. But there is a hitch in it. It needs initiation and those traditionalist practicing it wiold not initiate it to either women or non bhramins. If you are a women you will no legitimate way of acquring this mantra. ( I personally dont believe in this Manu's dictum that no women and no sudhra can be initiated to gayatri or veda - and no moksha for them. However this wrong attitude prevails and you will not be initiated in to it.)





    also, please give me alternative solution.

    thank u,



    Jai Gurudev


    Dear Gurubhais,


    I m sorry to be cut off in the weekdays. I was extremely busy in

    weekend and i m tired also. anyway i have tried to prepare a short

    list of Sadhnas to show that i m also working. I have just attempted

    for this in a tabular form. The table is not visible in this but it

    contain actually three columns i.e. Serial No., Purpose/Deity and

    Deity/Purpose. The list is very short and i will try to extend this

    by searching various books. since i m very new so i don't have all

    the old books but i will try to do my best. If wanted i can give this

    in word file or web page format. Other gurubhais can suggest any

    other Sadhnas to be included in the list


    I will come again.


    Jai Gurudev



    Different Sadhanas


    By Purpose


    Purpose Deity to be worshiped

    1 Riddance from Evil Spirits

    2 Aakarshan Sadhana

    3 To get Rid Addiction

    4 To banish diseases

    5 To get Mental Peace

    6 Shraadh Pitra Santushti Sadhana

    7 Gopal Prayog for Children

    8 Simple Shree Yantra Sadhna

    9 For best education

    10 To get rid from loans

    11 To get rid of enemies

    12 To get success in exams

    13 To get good job

    14 To get good husband/wife

    15 To have safe pregnancy

    16 To have good children

    17 To have peaceful married life

    18 To get timely promotion

    19 To get good business

    20 To have a vehicle

    21 To become rich

    22 To become Politician

    23 To become Pandit


    Ten Mahavidyas


    1 Tara Sadhna



    By Deity

    Deity Purpose

    1 Guru Poornnima Sadhana

    2 Panchanguli Sadhana

    3 Megha Saraswati Sadhana

    4 Mahalakshmi Poojan

    5 Lakshmi Sadhanas of great Rishis and Tantriks

    6 Mahamrityunjay Sadhana

    7 Uchhisht Ganpati Sadhana

    8 Quick Acting Bheirav Sadhanas

    9 Miraculous Hanuman Sadhanas

    10 Planet Shani (saturn) Sadhana

    11 Planet Shukra (venus) Sadhana

    12 Mahaganpati Sadhna

    13 Kartikeya Sadhna

    14 Sabar Lakshmi Sadhnas on Diwali

    15 Mahakali Sadhna

    16 Durga Sadhana

    17 Vaidyanath Sadhana

    18 Kanakdhara Sadhna

    19 Another Mahakali Sadhna

    20 Lama Holi Sadhnas

    21 Lord Shiva

    22 Kaamdev-Rati

    23 Sadhana of planet Moon




    hello sir,

    i am going thru a very tough and dangerous point in my life including marital problems, court cases ,education. could u please

    give me details of the sadhanas for :

    --akarshan sadhana

    --to have a peaceful married life

    --victory in court cases

    --to remove obstacles in education.

    please, i am in urgent need of help.if u wish u could please email them to ksree06@ or post it in the forum here.

    thank u very much,



    Kavya Ji,

    Saturn Mahadasa is in from 12/2004 upto 2023.Saturn is retrograde and is in 3rd aspecting his own house 9th where the 1st and 6th lord Venus and 2nd and 5th lord Budha are placed.All these indicate that you can't escape Govt action ,unless your prayers are strong and devoted.

    Pray lord Sri Venkateswara of seven hills regularly.Only divine power is required to help you.

    with best wishes,



    sir,thank u for your reply. can u please come on messenger so we can chat because i have a few qs to ask because the consequences of this case outcome has a lot to do with my marriage ,which country i will be staying ,my career etc. please look into these issues and please reply.i'd really appreciate it if u could mail me your contact number or come on messenger.my email id is:ksree06@

    thank u,




    the april incident happened close to your janma nakshtra. our fore

    fathers have rightly told us to adhere to certain basic principles

    to be adopted in our daily routines.


    in transit, that janma nakshtra was aspected by saturn and it was

    under bandana by rahu and mars. such influence would make the

    mind to be at its low ebb. such slips are possible then. if you

    had not been to shoping, incident would not have happened.

    any way from now on see that you follow such rules.




    could u please tell me what basic principles to be adopted in our daily routines.

    also, could u mention look into my marriage aspect also and see if a divorce is predicited and if yes, how is life after that and will my husband and i have kids?

    thank u,



    Hello Kavya,I am not an astrologer but I can understand the misery you are going through. My first husband wasn't violent but he made my life miserable by being pathologically jealous and possessive when I got married and went to live in the UK with him. It was a nightmare! One day I just decided to chuck it all in and go back to Sri Lanka (originally I am from Sri Lanka) although I knew very well divorce will follow and that I will also lose my UK residency. However, I did sit down and think things through rationally. I knew I had made the right decision becuase I felt really liberated when I decided to leave! Intuitively it felt right -- that is how you can know if you are doing the right thing. It was a turning point for me. Later on I emigrated to Australia, did my MSc, found work in Aussie as an environmental scientist and also got married to a really nice man I met. I am now very happily married. When I decided to empower my self it was as if the Universe was presenting me with every opportunity I needed! As an added bonus living in Aussie has turned out to be much nicer than living in the UK. Later on my ex-husband called several times to say how he regreted everything, because I was never abusive or nasty to him through out the whole ordeal. Beleive me your life is not over. When the Universe puts you in a really tight situation, it is giving you an opportunity to empower your self and be the best you can be - so this is an opportunity. If I were you, I would leave the US --that is better than being deported and at least you get to do it with dignity. And if I were you, I would leave the marriage as well -- seems like your husband is simply being who he is - a violent and abusive man. You deserve much better than that. So rise to the challenge and don't be afraid. While it is prudent to check the astrological influences, you must do your part by helping yourself. You must make the inner transformation -- that is when the Universe will reward you. I noticed that you are also being advised to pray to Ma Durga. I highly recommend it too. From personal experience I can say that she is a Formidable Force and will never fail you. She is simply awsome!Wish you good luck.


    hi HST 108,

    thank u so much for taking time out to write such encouraging words. could u please email me at ksree06@ so i could mail u back and talk. it is really nice to hear from somebody who has overcome what i am going thru and i fell i can get some strength from u.

    thank u very much,



    Yes, Monday makes complete sense. I was actually going to say it happened either on Saturday or Monday.


    As I said before Shanti remedies for the moon are necessary.


    As for your husband he is not dependent on you for happiness.


    And I have to be honest, it does not look like an auspicious match between you and your husband.



    i am taurus ascendent.

    also, can u please tell me how to do shanti remedies for moon.

    thank u,



    Smt Kavya,

    When time is bad , no advice gets into the brain.Mars in lagna is highly powerful and so it can't make you realise the consequences of your drastic arrogant actions.

    God alone can help you,

    God bless you,



    Namaste gurujis

    i dont know which part of my response offended u,usrji but i am sorry.i read your response and i wanted to ask u the details of how to do sani and kuja pooja.

    as of now ,since that incident, i have been chanting neelanchana samabhaasam 21 times /day . i am planning to get a mangal dosha nivaran puja done for both of us in the temple and a navagraha abhishekam on a saturday.

    do u have any other suggestions for me gurujis?

    i am willing to do try anything to save my marriage and i have to do more because i have to do his and my part because he will not do .

    also, u havent specified whether a divorce is imminent or my marriage is still salvagable?

    also, an astrologer in india had told my sister that if we have children, then we will get along well.is it true,because i am scared right now to have children because if divorce is bound to happen, they why to create children and make them suffer in the middle?

    please also shed some light as to the court case and does it look like i will be deported? ( i mean can u predict from our charts in which country we will be staying? right now we are in the usa. )

    thank u very much,

    anxiously waiting for your reply,


  9. could u please explain in layman terms what " dwisaptadi sama dasa is applicable in your case and you are running

    mars dasa and moon antar. moon antar is likely to bring you back

    home. it runs till sep 2009." this means.

    also what do u mean by bring u back home( to my husband's house or my parental house)? and what happens after it runs till sep 2009.



    my wedding date :19 june 2003

    time:i'm not sure but it actual muhurtham was around 11 am to

    12:30pm tho some other rituals like gowri puja were being performed before that.

    the incident on monday happened on april 21st 2008 at 7:45 pm .

    thank you.

  10. so,is divorce certain ? also, how is life for both of us after divorce?

    i feel so odd to be talking about divorce so easily but i have borne all sorts of torture for 5 years and did everything i could for his parents, sister,aunt etc still my husband used to torture me because of anger over silly things and lie to his family that i was causing all the trouble.and after every fight, tho he used to cause it and make it worse with violent outbursts ,he was the one to tell me to get out of the house and get a divorce.all this used to make me wonder how can a person do this if he loves u.all i feel from his side for me is abandonment and rejection. and then sometimes he'll feel sorry but then repeat the same abuse again and always support his family though they taunt me unnecessarily and in 5 years has never supported me in any situation. tho he is a short tempered guy, he will not say anything to them when they have taunted me. all his anger is reserved only for me.

    i am the kind of girl who doesnt tell anybody of what happens inside the house because the family name will get spoilt. i havent even told anybody in my family. they all think i am living happily here .so, i have just held all this grief in my heart all these years now i feel my heart will explode. i am not able to take it any longer.

    also, could u please elaborate on where i will be staying ( i mean usa or move back to india) because there is a risk of deportation to india if the case does not go in my favour.

    do u see a second marriage for both of us? also, like i said, somebody i trust very much told me that if i left him he will suffer a lot and his future wont be good . is it true? i dont want him to suffer even after i leave him.

    also, i'm certain that he does not have an affair now. maybe after i leave and i wish he is happy.

    thank u,


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