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  1. Respected Gurujan, I am waiting for some response. Please help me. MKR
  2. Respected Gurujan, I need help in reading my chart with respect to my married life, career and finances. My Birth details are as given below. DOB: May 13, 1973 Time: 10:45 AM Place: Gwalior, M.P., India I got married in 2005 and staying separated from my wife since Dec 2006. Is there a possibility of divorce? When will I get divorced from her? I am incurring huge losses on my investments. What can I do to avoid losses? Is the speculation bad for me as per my horoscope? How will be my financial position in my life? What puja or Mantra shd I do to gain wealth and prosperity? How are my career prospects going forward? Do I have higher studies in my life ahead? Will I reach higher administrative positions? Your responses will be highly appreciated. Thanks MKR
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