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  1. This is great! please can you help me with my career... have been having bad luck since 5 - 6 years now. i have only a short contract job of 6 months in this long time. DOB 8th oct 65 POB ahmedabad TOB 17.41 please can you tell when i will be getting a job and what kind of jobs should i be applying for. or any remedies i can do. i beleive in shirdi sai baba and have been praying regularly but no result. now my husband has also lost job. his DOB 3rd mar 61, POB - aden and TOB is between 12 noon and 2 in the afternoon... its not known clearly please send a reply soon and awaiting aniously many thanks
  2. hello can anyone please give any indication when i will have a steady career? my situation is bad and i need help thanks
  3. hello all learned astrologers have been having lot of trouble regarding my career... can someone please tell me when i will get a steady income or job --- its been creating many problems in my life would be grateful if someone can respond soon DOB - 8th oct 65 TOM 17.41 POB ahmedabad thanks
  4. dear deepa / USR since i am new on this forum - i dont know anyone here - i have read many of your threads and answers here.... can you pls give me any inputs regarding my career? i havent found proper job now in 5 years. constant delays, always called for good interview but never get it. what is th eprob in my horoscope? also if you can give your insight to another thread i wrote 'marriage in distress' regarding my sister. thank you
  5. dear nikhil thank you. can you kindly see another thread i have written - stagnating career. this is regarding my horoscope.
  6. thank you sasisekaran and rohini. sometimes the answers from practical and common sense point of view we do know, but in th elong run is that act going to bear good fruit. that is the question. going back for the kids that is fine any mother will do that. kids will grow up in 10 years time and will know what is right and wrong. tolerating inhuman behavior is also not good. this debate can go on and on. i just wanted to know from astrological point of view that does she have a better life for future for herself. my sister is well educated - that is the problem in this case. that family needed someone who would not question anything. anyways thanks for the replies.
  7. there are so many gurus here - is there no one to review this marriage and 2 horoscopes? would be grateful for anyone to help thanks
  8. oh please can someone help? thanks
  9. hello can anyone review my horoscope? also have been many health problems which is imobilising me quite a lot. so if anyone can tell me about my career and money situation? thanks
  10. hello can someone throw more light on this matter? thank you
  11. hello all astro gurus would like some advice and insight of my career. i had a very good one between 1990 - 2000 - then things began to go wrong. now in 2008 i still have to find a job. i had a temporary assignment for 6 months between set to jan. but now for 7 years i didnt have a job. am i going thru some bad phase? when will i get my next job and are there any remedies to get a new better job? i get interviews from good companies but im nevery selected. please help. DOB 8th oct 65 TOB 17.41 POB ahmedabad thanks
  12. dear sasikaren thanks for reply. yes in the end ofcourse she will go back. but what is the solution for her. she is trying for job will she get anything to keep her going? she is a great teacher but to get proper job she need to study further which she cannot. her goal is to get a good teaching job. will she get to achieve her goal? also from her husbands horo. can you explain why this behavior? they can afford things but choose not to.... what planets are affecting this and are there remedies to make life easier for her. thanks
  13. hello to anyone who can respond i would like to have some advice / direction with regards to my sister and her husband's marrigae. there has been lot of tension brewing for past 9 years. there is lot of harrasment from inlaws and husband. they have comfortable money etc but they live in appaling way. all 3 of them cannot spend money even for basic needs -they only like books and her mother in laws interferes so she has never build any relationship with her husband in an emotional way. she is not allowed to call her parents. when my mum died they didnt send the kids, she didnt come at time of death but a month before we had to tell me to send her as we were sure my mum was not going to last long. even for that they fought with her. her husband only thinks highly of his parents and world revolves around them 3 only. do you see any signs of this in his chart? suprisingly inlaws are doc and husband is in research. even tho they all are highly educated they live in seclusion and watch pennies to no end. i dont have details of MIL. right now my sister has come to meet my father and we are wondering what is best way forward. since she wanted to meet my dad and get away for a while they have given her 1 way ticket. so will they call her back? and should she go? is there future in this marriage there are 2 kids involved and her residence is in houston, texas. what do you foresee for them? can also give you details of 2 kids if u need. dont have it right away. her dob is 24 aug 69 pob ahmedabad and tob is 0508 her husbands details 4th dec 1967 tob 18.59 pob Ahmedabad. thanks to anyone who can respond <!-- / message -->
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