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  1. Dear friends We have created our family website at GRD IYERS - HOME and it contains text and audio for MAHANYASAM, DEVI MAHATMYAM etc. Other scriptural texts will follow periodically. You can keep visiting the website for regular updates on scriptural texts/audio etc. best regards Ramesh Natarajan GRD Iyers
  2. This whole discussion has been started with a malicious intent by a member of the minority Vaishnava sect, probably belong to the idiot-family of the sect i.e. ISKCON. Having now proved a point that Lord Shiva is the supreme God in whom Vishnu is contained, I bid adieu. But some of the readings and counter-arguments proved tremendous reading, apart from good mirth. I would only hope that some of the most educated members of this group think of Hinduism as a whole rather than worrying and reassuring their own doubts that Vishnu is supreme.
  3. You must be belonging to the idiot-family.
  4. Also....the Devi Mahatmyam also clearly states that Shakti will come forth again on the Earth as Krishna. The bijakshara for Devi and Krishna are the same.
  5. My previous post has mysteriously (?!) disappeared (removed?!)...that proved Vishnu is contained within the Great God Rudra. To conveniently say that Hari is the indweller (!) as counter for every proof presented doesn't impress or convince anyone. In the laghunyasam, prior to chanting Sri Rudram, one has to chant the following verse to state in which part of the body Vishnu is invoked..."padayoh vishnus-tishathu..." ....Enough said. The Narayana Suktam, as the "Purusha Suktam" has been corrupted by vaishnavites to include "...sa shiva" (not part of the original vedic verse) to indicate that Shiva is included within Vishnu...which is obviously far from the truth. Sri Rudram emphatically states that Vishnu is contained within Lord Shiva. Yajur Veda's identity flows from Sri Rudram and the SivaPanchakshara. Among the Vidyas, the Vedas are supreme; in the Vedas, the Sri Rudram is supreme; in the Sri Rudram the Sri Shivapanchakshari Mantram 'NA-MA-SI-VA-YA' is supreme; in the Mantra the two syllabled 'SI-VA' is supreme. As by pouring water at the root of a tree, all its branches are nourished, so also by pleasing Sri Rudra through Rudra Japa, all the Devas are pleased. This is the best atonement (Prayaschittam) for all sins and the foremost 'Sadhana' for attainment of cherished desires. Though Sri Rudram forms part of Karma Kanda, it ranks at par with the Upanishads of the Jnana Kanda and hence is also referred to as “Rudropanishad” and it’s reference is found in glowing terms in the Jabala Upanishad and Kaivalya Upanishad. As it is seen in all the 101 Shakhas or branches of the Yajurveda, it is called 'Satarudriyam'. Satarudriyam is an instrument of Moksha Sadhana in the lore of Upanishads. It is stated “Sarvopanisadam Saro Rudradhyaayam” i.e. “The essence of all Upanishads is Rudropanishat”. In Maha Bharata in Drona Anushasinika parva, the Sata Rudropanishat is very much extolled. When Sage Yagnavalkya was asked by his disciples as to which portion of the Veda conferred most benefits on a devotee on it’s recitation, he referred unhesitatingly to the Sri Rudram. He said “Surapa ssvarnahari Rudra Japi Yati sthatah/ Sahasra Sheersajapica Mucyate Sarva Kilbisaih”. In Jabalopanishat, sage Yajnavalkya stated to the Brahmacharis that by performing Satarudriya Japa and also with homam, one will become immortal. In Kaivalyopanishat it is stated that the person who studies Satarudriyam will be purified by Agni and in Smrutis it is stated that the person who regularly recites will obtain liberation. It is also said that “Prayatah praruthaya ya dadheete vishmpate / Pranjalih Satarudriyam Nashya kin cha na durlabham” . Translated, it means “By constant effort if a person stands facing Lord Surya with folded hands and chants Shata Rudriyam there will be nothing impossible for him.” In Kurmapurana, Lord Krishna under took Pasupata Diksha for one year and smearing ash on his entire body, recited the Sri Rudram. Any one, in any state of life, at any time, recites Satarudriyam daily, will cross the ocean of worldly life or at any time adorned with Bhasma (ash) and with great devotion recites Sri Rudram, will get Jnana (knowledge) by the grace of Lord Shiva. For those desirous of worldly pleasures and for obtaining liberation and purification during repentance there is no refuge other than Shatarudriyam. By reciting Sri Rudram, one will get easily the knowledge of Taraka Brahma Vidya. A verse in the Vayu Purana says:"Chamakam Namakam caiva Purusha Sooktham tathaiva ca / Nityam trayam prayunjano Brahmaloke mahiyate” . Translated, it means “A person reciting daily the Namakam, Chamakam and the Purusha Sooktam is honoured in the Brahma Loka." The Purusha Suktam referred to here is the unadulterated version that recognizes Lord Shiva as the supreme Brahman. "Karanguli nakhothpanna narayana dasakrithi" states the Sri Lalita Sahasranamam, which means "She who created the ten avatharas of Narayana from the tip of her nails". Enough said ? Or would the refutation be that Vishnu Sahasranamam is the only "true" sahasranamam? It took Lord Shiva to explain that taking the name of Lord Rama 3 times is enough for the common man as that is equivalent to chanting the Vishnu Sahasranamam. Is that again, Vishnu speaking through Lord Shiva? Shiva-Shakti is the only truth. The non-recognition of the female principle within the Vaishnava sect is truly amazing. Advaitam is inclusive and liberates the godlike potential within human beings. Vaishnavism is exclusive. Plainly ISKCON is an embarassment to this family as they believe that Vishnu is the avatar of Krishna! ISKCON's founder tried to pitch Hinduism to the world by trying to identify one God that can compete with the one God of Christianity and Islam. And has now caused the raise of this sect that embarasses and makes the Vaishnava family squirm by making it's ridiculous claims ! ISKCON is the idiot-child of the Vaishnava family. Being a smartha, I worship Vishnu too as I do Devi, Ganesha, Surya, Muruga apart from the Great God Rudra. Only praying to Lord Shiva and chanting of the Sri Rudram can grant one moksha, which is the goal of every Hindu. Chanting of the Devi Mahatmyam is equally beneficial, if one has diksha in the Navakshari mantra. The Devi Mahatmyam states clearly that Vishnu's slumber or yoga-nidra is caused and controlled by Shakti !! All the great saints who have saved Hinduism have been worshippers of Lord Shiva and Shakti - be it Adi Shankaracharya rescuing India from Buddhism or Vivekanananda making Indian spiritualism known to the world through his worship of Shiva-Shakti. Fact of the matter is : Vaishnavism is a minority. Like all minorities, they tend to chest beat. May Lord Shiva grant them moksha through his divine grace. By trying to pooh-pooh Lord Shiva, Dark Warrior has taken his name so many times ! Vipirita Bhakti ! My respect is for Dark Warrior is only for his extent of reading and knowledge, which he has slanted to brain-wash himself as have his sect's members. I only hope that with time and age, he gets true understanding and knowledge. I am confident, that if he continues seeking true knowledge, he will find that it at the feet of the Great God Rudra. Sri SadasShivaarpanamastu !
  6. Vedas are the only acceptable pramanas. Bhagvatam or any teacher's interpretations cannot be the taken as the true basis. Sri Rudram clearly states...."....namo Girishaye cha Shipivishtaya cha...". Shipivishta means Lord Vishnu. So Lord Vishnu is contained within Lord Shiva. Sri Rudram also states.."namo Rudraya Vishnave mrityurme pahi..." further emphasising this. Vishnusahasranamam or Bhagvatam or Ramayana or Mahabharata cannot be taken as pramanams...just like demi-gods, these are inferior in authority to the Vedas. Even the term "Narayana" means "Leader" and refers to Lord Shiva. For eg. kings are called "Narayan" in Nepal and if you do not know, in Nepal, kings are assumed to be the form of Narayana and worship the Great God Shiva for their people's welfare. And for the uninformed, the common version of Purusha Suktam has been corrupted to include a portion on Vishnua and Lakshmi to make it seem as if the supreme Brahman is Vishnu ! While doing abhisekham for Shiva or Devi, Purusha Suktam is chanted in it's original version without the appendages. Shaivism and Shaktham are the oldest traditions and Vaishnavism is a recent phenomenon after Ramanuja propogated the same. Check history. If you took a count of Hindus and saw how many worship Shiva and how many Vishnu, the truth will become apparent that Vaishnavism is a minority. It is funny to see the infighting within various Vaishnavism sects...ISKON believes Krishna is the Godhead and Vishnu is the avatar of Krishna ! What can be more ridiculous ! Indeed, you believe Shiva swallowed hala-hala poison because of Vishnu's bidding and it was Vishnu's good grace that made it possible ?! Ha ha ha!! To call the great God Shiva a demi-god is blashphemy. Awaken and reform. Sri Sadashiva arpanamastu !
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