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  1. Sir,


    I have been time and again told that my mercury AD which is going to start in a month from now is going to bring a new good life for me after my hell Shani MD-Shani AD from July 2006..

    No one could tell me why Shani Yogakaraka did hell to me during this period.

    I am premature aeging from that time.. i look like a 40 yer old person now...no job..no marriage.. in rags...

    but the shock for me came when i read other post of urs that astama shani cant do any good even if yogakaraka...

    now virgo is my 8th from moon ..and shani is transiting virgo soon...

    just confirm that i will have more hell .. i think that is enough for me to ....


    i want to prepare for even more worst...


    i am wearing pearl after ur suggestion in email..


    birth details

    5th july 1977

    3.50 am




  2. hi guys


    i know i am a controversial figure in this forum..

    i am asking you to analyse my 3rd house of courage/bravery...

    i am not asking for remedies nor predictions but for analysis astrologically as i want to learn..


    birth details

    5th july 1977

    3.50 am



    Astrological Observations-----

    3rd house aflicted by saturn(so called yogakaraka) in neecha sign of moon in parivarthana from moon in 6-8 relationship...

    saturn is lord of gulika and mandi ...

    saturn is aspected by mars from 12th and vice versa

    Mars is my AK


    Facts ---

    i am a very Mars kind of a guy but fail when it comes to revolt or retaliation or point blank communication .fail to retaliate with any guys inspite of injustice all the time.. actually a timid and dead guy..

    but seem to be a guy who manages to manage things in a manageable way(may be because of arudha of the house(not sure) )

    also is combust mercury a cause?


    I request you guys to analyse and interpret my 3rd house in terms of 3rd house and its arudha so that i can understand and find ways to overcome my predicament..


    please do participate and reply so that i may learn,



  3. dear angel,


    thanks for raising doubts and letting us learn..


    i am giving my thoughts in bold under your comments. although some may differ, i dont think its the end of it. we can learn further




    1) About giving Jal to Surya- I understood that giving jal to surya indicates an attempt by the native to reduce the heat he is getting from the hot sun. Now, by this logic the above should only be done for whom the sun is a malefic, hence the heat from sun is undesirable. Also, by same logic, anyone with a benefic Sun should be instead told to do surya namaskar, and never give jal. (Also refer to respected Sandhuji's post on astrological remedies:pray: )


    the concept of arghya i explained is THE reason for giving water to Sun according to vedas. This concept is being utilised in vedic astrology for specific natives in whose charts Sun is troubling them. not many people know that they have to give water to sun until they meet a vedic astrologer. before that they may not be giving water and when they start doing this , they will be benefited.

    Also i didnt understand what you meant by "native to reduce the heat he is getting from the hot sun", you mean the ill effect ?

    Also talking about the actual heat effect(combustion), what do you think if for a native, Sun is benefic but is combusting another planet, should jal be offered to reduce effect of combustion? but you opined that jal should be given to malefic sun only..

    please give your opinion..

    also please give your opinion on why a native would be harmed if he offers jal for a benefic sun?

    i feel that giving water and surya namaskar can be very safely done for either benefic or malefic sun.


    2) About giving charities for planets- According to my understanding, charities should be done for only malefic planets. But for benefics, the related food items may be distributed as prasada at holy places. While the former will help to propitiate the malefics, the latter will please the benefics.


    For benefics, donating related food items is also a type of charity, infact one of the noble charities called Anna Daanam.

    Again please indicate why do you think charity for only malefics..

    i am just thinking of an analogy. For example, you like a thing. On your birthday, a person you know donates the thing you like to few needy people.

    i think you will be pleased(as you said) if u inherently dont like(malefic) that person, and

    you will be more happy if you already like(benefic) that person..

    Also gemstones can be donated to propitiate malefics.

    Nava Dhanyas(nine grains) can be donated for the same.

    things can be done, like being humble with the masses and not disrespecting them, serving them for pleasing Shani and a very interesting thing PVR Narasimha Roa ji mentioned, that reading poetry pleases Venus as venus is the planet for arts..and things like that.

    the only exception in vedic remedies i feel is wearing gemstones of malefic grahas.

    everthing else makes bad things good and good things better.


    FYI: A mantra for protection from Shani's ell effects, mentioned by

    Pt. Sanjay Rath ji as one of his favourites...

    " Om Hreem Gam Hreem MahaGanapathaye Namah Swaha"

    In above , the beej for Ganapathi, Gam, is placed in between Hreem, the beej for Durga. He says that one has to chant this visualizing Maa Durga holding Ganesh and protecting him from Shani..


    Have you considered buying the book "Vedic Remedies in Astrology" by

    Pt. Sanjay Rath ji ?

    PVR Narasimha Rao ji mentioned that it gives a detailed account....






    Kind regards


    Chant ARA-KARA continuously. Night and Day. Can be chanted mentally/silently to yourself. Things will start to improve, money will come to you....people will give you things. Always think positively...do not think of your past misfortunes. If you do, if you catch yourself thinking of your negative experiences, then chant out loud for 3 minutes to counteract your negative thoughts. Daydream seeing yourself in positive situations that you've been longing for...while repeating the mantra. Things will improve. Watch Dattatreya on Youtube. I care about you and I want things to improve.


    dear Maria,


    i am very thankful to You and delighted by your care for me. thanks for the mantram. i seem to be entering a good phase in life as i am getting unexpected help from many, in here. this is definitely a sign.


    could you tell me what is the source of this mantram ? i dont have a clue..


    On Youtube, did you mean Dattatreya Siva Baba?


    goodluck and regards,

  5. hi veno,


    its really kind of u to guide me like this.


    i have noted down the points that u have given me in the other thread.

    now, here once again u have impressed upon the points in my mind.


    i never knew about the saturn's maturing after 36 until u mentioned..


    anyways now i got acclimatized to the ways of saturn. initailly i got hurt and affected . whatever i lost, i lost.

    but i started to live with that.


    i will do the worship for Devi on mondays and will wear the Emerald too in

    Mer AD

    Yes i like doing mantras and sthotras , a lot of them.


    once again thanks for the guidance..


    and goodluck with taking care of ur work...


    may god be with you



  6. watchthisfree ji,


    your analysis is good , i am thankful to u. i will give my feeback below, please note


    1) saturn being a benefic planet for taurus ascendant is a very generalised version.. please observe that saturn is housing gulika in my 9th house ( i saw that u asked about gulika in one thread, please search this forum for the same, u will find info) . thus even if it is benefic , there is not much use. and saturn is very weak in my chart. saturn cant do much...


    2) jupiter is malefic as u said but on the contrary, if i had any life , it was in jupiter MD. all the good times and accomplishments were in Jupiter MD. and in that Rahu AD(from march 2004 till august 2006) , i had the best rajasic time of my life... that sounds really weird , isnt it?


    3) i have only one sibling and is settled in india.. yes there are problems as u said. good analysis


    4) yes i am emotionally the most unstable fellow u will find on earth... and good to know about the blood cancer part of the exchange of 10th and 3rd. and as it is the lord of diseases 6th venus and lord of death 8th jupiter are sitting comfortably in my lagna...

    and luckily i am not at all scared of knowing about it..u see MARS is my atmakaraka:)


    5) yes lonely moon is not aspected by any planet. this causes partial kemadruma yoga which is bad for me. yes it is making me directionless


    6) gems- i am not wearing any gems now. the ones i used to wear also, i wore them from time to time. i didnt wear them simultaneously.

    i am praying and chanting. meditation is wonderful but unfortunately my mind wont let me do that for more than 1 minute. i have tried for many years but no use.


    7) yes i am expecting good chance once mercury antardasa starts...

    it is good to know that u are casting details manually. few people do that these days and it requires skill...

    i will find that dates of the pratyantar dasas u mentioned below...








    It is better that u download some software like jhora. it will save time for construction and give u more time for analysis..


    some info regarding dasas...


    u already know that MD AD and PD are some dasas. if u further disect the pratyantar dasa, more dasas are found as below in descending order...



    Antardasa in mahadasa

    Pratyantardasa in antardasa

    Sookshma-Antardasa in pratyantardasa

    Praana Antardasa in Sookshma antardasa

    Deha Antardasa in Praana Antardasa



    what u have offered is more than expected and i thank you for ur efforts and time.....


    may u come out of ur predicament asap..


    god bless u



    What you say is correct. It may be a coincidence that his father died during a search for a bride for Shanmugam.

    See his horoscope.

    3rd and 6th lord Guru is with 1st and 8th lord Sukra in 9th.

    His father died in Sukra-Guru-Sukra period.

    Sani yogakaraka is combust.

    He is born on Amavasya. Moon is weak.

    2nd and 7th lord Kuja in 8th. Kuja dosha ?

    I think ,if analysed astrologically, it may through more light on why things happen in a way ,which looks unscientific.

    This chart requires other astrologers participation like you mentioned.

    with best wishes,



    Sanjeeva Rao sir,


    great to see ur participation. please dont call me ji...


    yes sir, i have observed ur indicated placements.


    venus -jupiter conjunction is bad is suppose as they are enemies...and placement in 9th house , does that give any problems regarding married life?

    also he has kuja dosha as u said..i think that will result in late marriage..

    Mr shanmugam has all his planets between ketu and rahu. does he have a

    kala-amrita yoga?


    hope he will get more help from you and others too as u said...



  8. veno,


    thanks for the clarification..


    yes it seems that saturn and moon seems to be the main planets as per the details. 9th 10th lord, rohini is my lagna nakshatra lorded by moon and moon in aquarius lorded by saturn. moon being navamsa lagna lord.. i never oberved this close.. thanks for making me realize..

    yes and saturn i think i have to just endure and accept..

    as u said next transit into virgo again, i have to cross my fingers...


    and one thing u said is too true.. " one gets shelter in the family"

    exactly. but for my home, i would have disintegrated by now...


    thanks for ur time

  9. hi angel,


    hope u are doing well..


    just wanted to share few things...


    The concept of offering water to Sun---

    This is called Arghya Pradaanam in sanskrit


    why to actually do it ?

    it is said that lord surya is always attacked by innumerable asuras and being troubled and he looses strength(not the strength in the chart). vedas have prescribed that three times a day one has to give arghya with mantras so that each droplet of water acts as an arrow to kill the asuras. u see this all for our own good because without Sun's power and light this world cant exist...

    and if u see offering of water is only recommended for Sun and no other planet..

    this will always do good for everyone, especially for those affected by sun in their chart




    gemstones will strengthen any planet, malefic or benefic..

    but obviously one recommends for a only benefic which is weak..


    mantras could be chanted to strengthen benefics , can also be chanted for pleasing malefic planets.


    donations, strotras, service, prayers.. all these are meant to please and propitiate malefic planets


    propitiation can be done also done by approaching the high command i.e. Adhi Devata of the malefic graha...



    P.S.-- not that u dont know but mentioned below, thought of giving a summary.





    Dear Atul,


    Nice analysis but something worries me here. Please help. Sun is already quite weak and uncomfortable here. Giving Jal to Sun is right as it is 12H lord. But what happens to the significator functions of Sun? Won't the weakening of Sun then adversely affect that?


    Plus, Jupiter is affected by Kendradhipati Dosha but then it sits happy in its own 4th house of happiness and luxuries and giving strength to 10th house too- though badly afflicted by natural and functional malefic Mars. I was wondering if donation for jupiter might rather make it weak and adversely affect 4th house significations.


    I am sure you'll understand that I am only trying to learn here- hence the query.


    Thanks much in advance

    Kind regards





    safest stone is green emerald.. you can wear green emerald over next couple of years while mercury sub is running..sun is not a friend of your asc. lord from either moon or lagna so wear silver... you can wear diamond sometimes when you feel weak in body, but not continuously....


    you are running onset of saturn dasa, and saturn has exchange with moon.. this is very good and will manifest in some kind of career .. you will have to be very patient.. saturn is very slow and takes a while to get going..even still only usually after mid 30's, but things will get moving when you enter your saturn mercury end of july this year...it's more about tapping into your creativity along with creativity with money making.... your moon although in angle from jupiter is a little bit alone, and your jupiter causes many problems.. you should honour devi on mondays and do some fast on thursdays from sunrise to sunset..you need to learn to use your intelligence more to follow your own ideas rather than influence from friends or elder sibling, you also need to work on your diet, i feel that your parents advice is helpful... . i'm sorry i can not offer more advice here, but i do offer readings at my website..


    namaste veno...


    thanks a ton for ur lovely analysis an advice...


    i am hearing for the first time that exchange between moon and saturn would prove beneficial for me. everyone said its harmful..

    i think what u said about saturn giving results after mid 30s is true in my case as the time i started saturn dasa, i lost job, love and comforts. basically a popper.

    so i will expect as u said..


    have noted all the points u mentioned.. will follow...


    i understand that u cant provide more advice here.

    i went through ur site a few days back. its great.

    i will seek ur consultation once i become able- u know i am unemployed for past three years..


    thanks again for ur kindness

    may god bless you



  11. hi man,


    sorry for ur state ...


    it is absolutely very tribal of those astrologers who told that if someone searches for a bride, they will die etc. i think they from some remote tribe...:crazy:


    first of all, even though kin's horoscopes are linked, the one which matters the most is the horoscope of the individual concerned.

    so no scope of such things..atleast even before getting married...


    i think sasisekaran ji will be able to help u... he is a veteran here.....(not that a few others are not)



  12. veno,


    i request you to suggest the right gemstone for me to boost, not boost to have a great career abroad. currently i dont have any career and am at home.....

    and anything else u deem fit



    details- 5th july 1977

    time 3.50 am

    place - secunderabad- ap- india

  13. Dear Swetha and Suryanarayana Murthy,,


    You can take advantage of the information given by Sanjeeva Rao ji (USR)...


    Some more information for You below...


    The pooja costs are three types

    Rs 250, Rs 500 and Rs 1000

    The higher You pay, You will be seated nearest to the Shiva Lingam and more attention will be given to You...


    There are counters inside the temple where tickets can be bought. Advance booking is not required.

    All the puja material will be provided by the temple when you buy the tickets.


    Basically You need not plan for the Rahu Ketu pooja.


    But just keep to yourselves in the temple and dont offer any money to priests and others without receipt. The temple is awesome but is full of corrupt guys asking for money.


    Suryanarayana Murthy- I dont think Mr. Parandamam is watching this thread. Its dated few years back..

  14. dear angel,


    thanks for ur kindness, u need not be extremely sorry or anything.. thats ur humility and it will make u great...


    i am so weak in mind. that i cant deal with people, AT ALL...(moon thing as u said)


    so these people jobs hurt me...


    but i think that, if i can get over this drinking thing asap(with help of medical astrologer's help) may be i will be better off///


    i sincerely thank u for giving me a better understanding...


    may ur knowledge grow ,,,,


    hope to make some future knowledgeable encounters...


    god bless u......

  15. dear angel,


    thanks again for the explanation...


    regarding marriage, "for good" is an expression. it doesnt mean for better. it means forever or finally. i meant that she was gone forever..thats the reason i am nt able to get over it. saturn was not favourable in that sphere.


    Regarding specialization, did u mean academic or job related?


    My academic degree is MBA, specialication is marketing-- i never worked in marketing field, not even once..


    I worked in BPO industry all the time...

  16. please note that the thread is from past couple of years..


    so, just go through the forum for few past days/months and request most exp. members to advice... mention their name...explicitly...


    please note that this forum is the most active among the kind and take advantage of it...


    u will get answers..


    good luck..


    Dear Unanth,


    But saturn-saturn dasha created Havoc for Moon. With Saturn coming into action in both maha and antardasha, moon almost got overpowered and lost strength. And maybe thats why, despite being aware of the ill-effects of alcohol, you lacked enough mental strength to leave it.


    From july, the antardhasha of mercury starts who is again a trikona lord for you along with the lord of 2nd house of wealth. The dasha of 2 planets who lord 4 of the best planets in the horoscope should give you very good results.


    All the very best

    Kind regards


    hi angel,


    thanks for explanation..

    i get the reason for the weak mind part of it..


    i have following questions...

    --- from exactly the same time sat-sat started i am unemployed till now...what is the reason???

    in Dasamsa Saturn and Moon are exhalted in Libra and Taurus...


    --- marriage/love... i was in a relationship and after sat sat started it went to a stage i got married and then i could not go against my family, so it ended and gone for good. i am still not able to come out..why?


    so above two questions are regarding other two spheres. career and marriage..


    ---and u said "The dasha of 2 planets who lord 4 of the best planets in the horoscope should give you very good results."

    u meant 2 planets that own 4 best houses? 2,5, 9 and 10??


    i will do the poojas for moon and try to do rudraabhishekam also...



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