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  1. You are wrong. Your sentiment is that of an atheist that decries the principle that Godhead is a transcendent personality, namely, Krishna. I didn't understand how my sentiment is an atheist sentiment. My understanding is that athiest is a person who doesn't believe in the existance of God. I believe in the existance of God whether it is Vishnu, Shiva, Devi or anyone. Well, I didn't deny that Krishna is powerful and he is supreme. But at the same time we shouldn't be comparing one God with another. Shiva, Devi - all are powerful and I believe they are supreme too. The holy Gita is not a book of mythology unlike Ramayana or other Puranas.(Please don't misinterpret the word "Mythology" here. My intentions are not to indicate that they are myths but it is in a purely positive sense). Gita is purely a book of philosophy. It shows us the right path to live. It shows us the truth. It shows us the light. Thanks all!
  2. I just came across this thread and it seems that this is a very old thread. I joined immediately to post my views. Why are you people fighting over who is supreme? I am a Hindu. I am a great devotee of Ganesh, Krishna, Shiva, Maa Durga, Kali, everyone. My question is, what difference does it make if one God is supreme? By the way I didnt understand the concept of these "levels" in god. Is it something like CEO >> Directors >> Vice Presidents >> AVP >> Exec Managers >> Managers >> Asst Managers >> Sr. Staff >> Staff >> Jr. Staff >> Sub Staff?????? Please dont think that Bhagawatgita is a book which says Vishu is supreme. Wherever Krishna said "I am supreme" he didnt mean that "Vishnu is supreme". It simply meant that "God is supreme". I am not even talking about other religions and their beliefs though I personally feel that God is one and he doesnt have any shape or size. He is universal. My mom always says onething "Shivaya Vishnu rupaya, Shiva rupaya Vishnave". It is from Skandopanishat if I am not wrong. It also says "yatha shivamayo vishnur evam vishnumayah shivah". It means "just as Vishnu is filled with Shiva, so is Shiva filled with Vishnu". The greatness of Gita is that it never forced you to do anything. It just asked you to do your karma properly without having any attachment to the result. You have only right to karma. Gita never forced you to accept Vishnu as supreme god nor it never said that Shiva is supreme or any other god. That is its greatness. I feel purified whenever I hear to Gita. At the same time the "Shiva tandav stotra" and other Shiva stotras make me devotional. So is with any shloka of hindu deities. If you think one god is supreme to another (whether from same religion or different religion) you are committing a great sin against the same "supreme god". God bless you all!!!
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