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  1. This boy (my brother) want to marry a girl. Both of their chart have saturn in 2nd place. Will they lead good life after marriage? I am seeing many people facing problem after marriage because of conflicts occurs by their nature. I believe that is the reason astrology advise to match the couple charts before marriage If these charts are not match you can save these two persons marital life before they getting married Boy detail: Date of birth : December-31-1979 Time of birth: 9.5 PM(21.5) Place of birth : Chennai (Mrigasira nakshatra) Boy appearance : fair,medium and round face Girl Detail: Date of birth : December -10-1981 Time of birth : 24.20 December 10 or 12.20 AM December 11.(December 10 night 12.20) Place of birth : chennai (rohini nakshatra) Girl Appearance : Black,very lean and oval face Thanks & Regards, Shreya
  2. Dear Naxshatra, thanks for your detail reply. I am not wearing any gem stones and I don't want to wear those in my future also. I want to spend my more time with God so that I always prefer the remedy like chanting some mantras,reading slogam and going to temple. If we do these kind of remedies we feel ourself safe and moreover we move close to God. But in case of Gems, we don't get chances like that. Once again thanks for your kind reply and remedies. If you know any mantras to pray Budh and Sani please send it to me. Thanks & Regards, Shreya
  3. Dear Naxshatra thanks for your reply. As I don't know much about astrology, I want to clarify my doubt, Actually I have been informed from our family astrologer that Budha is good in my chart and I am under Budh dasa, this budh dasa is very good to my career and marriage life. As he said all good things like marriage, getting good job, coming abroad everything happened in my budh dasa. I know Sani is not well placed in my chart. I don't know why are you saying budha is causing me the health problem? . Don't mistake me, I just want to know , is budh dasa is good for my career and not for my health?is it possible same planet can give both good and bad result at the same time? One more doubt Naxshatra, do I need to do pooja to Guru(my nakshatra adipati) when ever Visakha nakshatra comes or every sunday(this is my birthday)? Thanks & Regards, Shreya
  4. All respected Gurujis, I am suffering by wheezing from my childhood, It did not bother me much, it has come only once in a year. But last one year especially from the period of May 2007 to March 2008 I suffered lot because of this wheezing. Can anybody tell me which planet is causing wheezing problem to me? and also please suggest me some remedies to improve my health. My birth details: Date of birth : August-21-1977 Time of birth : May be between 2.30 PM to 2.55 PM (I don't know the exact time) Place of birth: Pattambi, Kerala Lagna: Danusu, Visakha nakshatra Thanks & Regards, Shreya
  5. Dear Deepaji, Hope I will get reply from you soon. I have given the birth details of my brother and that girl in my previous post. Please analyse their chart. Can they able lead a good life after marriage? Thanks & Regards, Shreya
  6. Dear Deepaji, I have got the birth detail of the girl whom my brother love. How would be their marriage life?will they be happy after marriage? I have given their birth details below, Kindly analyse their chart. I would really greatful to you if you give me some feedback about this match. Boy detail : Date of birth : December-31-1979 Time of birth: 9.5 PM(21.5) Place of birth : Chennai (Mrigasira nakshatra) Boy appearance : fair,medium and round face Girl Detail: Date of birth : December -10-1981 Time of birth : 24.20 December 10 or 12.20 AM December 11.(December 10 night 12.20) Place of birth : chennai (rohini nakshatra) Girl Appearance : Black,lean and oval face Thanks & Regards, Shreya
  7. Shreya Ji, The chances of your brother marrying his lady love are very bleak.Her parents will not agree for this match.This tension you may face is upto Oct 2008.Rahu in lagna is the reason for this odd behaviour.6th lord and 7th lord Shani in 2nd also causes these conflicts in the home front during its Antardasa which is upto Oct 2008. Pray/Puja to Rahu and Shani in any temple nearby , in his name,gotra and nakshtra on Saturdays to get relief . From November 2008 your family situation becomes normal and his marriage also takes place. Your mom will be ok soon and ask her not to take serious of this and spoil her health. with best wishes, USR <!-- / message --> Thanks USRji, I will inform my mother to do this pooja every saturday, Sorry for my delayed response. Even he respects our parents, he is not listening them in this matter, he is very stong in his decision. It seems that girl's parents are giving full support to them. Thanks for your advise , I will ask my mother to do this pooja. Thanks & Regards, Shreya
  8. Thank you very much Deepaji, I was totally upset today, was always checking this forum for your reply. Doing the remedies what you have suggested for my baby's chart. you have given peace to my mind, will have God's blessing. Thanks & Regards, Shreya
  9. Dear Deepaji, Thanks for your positive words, I am giving jal to Surya devta and started reading aditya hriduya. My marriage was love and arranged marriage, my husband was my colleague, we worked together. With the blessing of both of our parents we got married on Feb 19th 2006, Muhurtham time was 9 to 10.30 AM Mangalya tied up on 10.20 Am. Since ours was love marriage our parents did not see the horoscope match for us. My birth details: Date of birth : 21-August-1977 Time of birth: 2.50 PM Place of birth: pattambi, Kerala Important events in my life: Completed my master degree on May 2001, Worked in very big IT Company in India till 2007 February, then resigned my job and came to US on Mid of February. Blessed with little girl on Dec 3 2007, got my work permit visa on May 2007, waiting for a job. My spouse's birth details: Date of birth : 8 -January -1980 Time of birth : 11.35 am Place of birth : Tuticorin, Tamilnadu. Important events in my spouse's life: Completed his engineering degree on May 2000. Lost his father on July 2004 Came to US on first week of September 2006 Please suggest me some remedies if something wrong in our horoscope. Thanks & Regards, Shreya
  10. Thanks for your reply Ayush. Dear Deepaji, What I mentioned in my prvious post is right? if my daughter stay away from us for her study will also be considered as a seperation from her father? Thanks & regards, Shreya
  11. Dear Deepaji, thanks for your reply, can I read Aditya-hirudya daily? Can you explain me in detail how to give Jal to Surya deva?(mean do I need to say some mantras when I give water to Surya deva) . If she go out for studies , that means if she stay away from us for her studies then will it also be considered as a seperation from her father? Beleive God never give up good people. Thanks & Regards, Shreya
  12. Dear Deepaji, In my daughter's chart Sun is in 12th place, I have read somewhere Sun in 12th place is not good for father and it will affect the longevity of father. I am too worried after reading this. I have believe in God, I know very well nothing will happen to my husband. But I don't have knowledge in astrology, I have heard we can not come for any conclusion by seeing only one thing (i.e Sun is in 12th place) if there is a good planet aspects then it will be good. Can you analyse her chart and tell me really will it affect her father? My daughter's birth details: date of birth : December - 03 - 2007 Time of birth : 8.46 am Place of Birth : fremont, California (USA) I hope you can understand my worry please reply me Thanks & Regards, Shreya
  13. Thank you so much Deepaji. You have done great help to our family and reduced our pain. We leave everything to God and wait for one more year to get the solution for this problem. Thanks & Regards, Shreya
  14. Dear Deepaji, Thanks again for your immediate response, as you said he is so good and love our parents, now the cold war is going between him and my mother. I also want to know is there any possibility that he married that girl already? because the rumour which we heard is he did register marriage with that girl on January 2008. But he strongly disagree with that and he says with out our permission he never do anything and I am not like that. Thanks & Regards, Shreya
  15. Dear Deepaji, Thanks for your immediate reply, the problem with that girl is, she is from different cast and from different state, she is staying near to our home ,for some reason my mother do not like her family, I do not know what is the exact reason. Now a days my mother only doing two things crying and praying. She is thinking that if he marry that girl his life won't be good. What is his chart showing? his life will be good if he marry that girl? if so then I can talk with my mother and I can compromise her. We all expect the good life to our brother. Thanks & Regards, Shreya
  16. My family is facing very worst situation due to my brother, my mother is not feeling well lost one week and she is crying always, Can anybody suggest some remedy to get out from this situation? Our problem is my brother is fallen love with one girl and he is saying he is going to marry that girl. Will there any chance that he could come out from that and will he be ready for arranged marriage? My brother's birth details: Date of birth : December-31-1979 Time of birth : 9.05 PM Place of birth : Chennai He completed his Under graduation on 2000 May and completed his Master degree on 2004 May. I would really appreciate if somebody analyse his chart and suggest some remedy. Thanks & Regards, Shreya
  17. Hi, My brother fallen love with one girl and he says he is going to marry that girl, but my mom totally against his love and she says if he marry that girl I will die, my brother says if you won't accept to marry that girl I will die. Now our family is in critical situation can anybody tell us will he be ready for arranged marriage? My brother's birth details: Date of birth : 31-December-1979 Time of birth: 9.05PM Place of birth : Chennai.
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