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  1. Will you please explain which are 12 directions? East, west, south, north, north east, south east, south west , north west, akaasa and paathala are 10 Directions. What are the other two directions? UPAMANYU.
  2. Group Tendency can not be eliminated. For identity purpose different groups are formed. Even a homogeneous group gets split in course of time for further distinct identity. So formation of groups and split of groups are inevitable. The present modern Caste system is narrow minded. They praise, they celebrate the birday or tithi [death] if that person belongs to their community. Otherwise they are least bothered. Are Brahmin Associations celebrate Ambedkar's Jayanthi? Similarly whether Scedule Caste people celebrate the jayanthi of a Brahmin leader? Peaceful co-existence is the only solution. Give respect and take respect. We cannot compel anybody to celebrate a particular leader's Jayanthi. It is their choice. But, if they care and celebrate only their leader's jeyanti, it only shows that they are not above casteism. Abolishing caste system is not a solution. Political parties form a new caste ! Peaceful co-existence is the only solution.
  3. In their jurisdiction, they can celebrate in the manner they like. Uniformity cannot be achieved. In various temples, Brahmothsavam is celebrated on different dates. Otherwise, on a particular day, everything will be finished and the rest of the whole year will have to be idle ! Pragmatism is required. After all every body is praising the Lord only. Tolerance is required . This is my humble opinion.
  4. Can you tell me what language Krishna spoke? O.S.Subramanian.
  5. "80% palkars don't follow sampradayas" This statement is wrong. When a person visits Madurai, he will find the pious nature of Sourashtrans.They are following the Bhramanical rites with regard to their marriage and funerals etc. Vedha Adhyayana Sabhai and Puruohita vaideeka maha sabhai etc. are there. Sri Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal Devasthanam is owned by Sourashtra Sabha, Madurai. Sri Srinivasa Perumal Devasthanam is in Meenakshipuram, Madurai. Besides there are other temples and organisations like Githa Bhavanam, Gita Natanagopala Nayaki Mandir etc.etc. Upakarma is celebrated in a grand manner in Sourashtra Hr.Secondary School premises, Madurai every year. Some people may be indulging in vices like meat eating, smoking and drinking. But most of them are religious minded and visits Temples and take part in performing pujaas, homams etc. So sweeping remarks should be avoided. UPAMANYU/15TH OCTOBER 2008.
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