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  1. Hi Sushil, I have read ur Problem though i m not a expert but still as a devotee of Krishna i suggest that if i could have been @ ur place then my steps would be: 1) every morning Blow counch which shld first keep in the feet of Krishna !!! 2) Use of Dhoop Sticks 3) Play Hanuman Chalisa thrice in a day in a music system 4) Try to get water of Gangaji sprinkle it at night & morning 5) If the Ghost resides in ur house then keep idol of Hanumanji whereever u feel it is !!!! 6) If it comes only in night time in front of ur door place Ganpati or hanumanji idol above the door. 7) Just go for a Ghra shanti Havan it is a MUST!!! And Last but not the Least HAVE FULL FAITH ON KRISHNA JUST CALL HIM FROM THE BOTTOM OF UR HEART HE WILL SURELY HELP YOU I GUARANTEE THAT As U KNOW HE IS BHAKTHVATSAL
  2. Hi Krishna is the Greatest Personality of God head one cannot describe in words the greatness of Shri Krishna.As Shri Krishna told in Bhagvath Gita that "I know everyone every person from the past present & also those who r not born yet but no one knows me" Jai Hari Govind !!!!!!
  3. Hi, this is a very good topic to discuss but i have some of my exp of my life i had never came across to any kind of Christian who worship hindu dieties or give respect to hindu gods they always says that Jesus is complete & they try to prove that hindu scriptures are not correct & u may b aware that there are several cases v have seen where Christians try to Convert people from other religion into Christianity I m talking mainly of Indian Christians.
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