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  1. USR ji, Deepa ji, Rajshekar ji, Sasisekaran ji, Ramachandran ji, Nikhil Varma ji, Appreciate your feedback. the boy had nephritis(kidney problem) recently and after recovering, he is sick again. please advice. Thanks Suri
  2. Deepa ji, Rajshekar ji, Sasisekaran ji, USR ji, Learned members, Would appreciate your feedback and analysis for this boy. DOB: Oct 15, 2002 POB: Hyderabad, India TOB: 13:10 hours IST. He has been very slow in learning and constantly keeps falling sick. His parents are very concerned. How will his health be? How will he be in studies? Thanks Suri
  3. deepa ji, Big Correction: my actual DOB is April 23, 1963. TOB: 2:30AM POB: Madurai, TamilNadu, India. I incorrectly have had it as April 22, 1963. While talking to my mother, she confirmed that it was Tuesday April 23, 1963 and not April 22 as i mentioned in my post earlier. Can you please share your findings and recommendation. My problems remain the same How are my career prospects? Thanks Suri
  4. thank you for your analysis. i look forward to 2009. i don't think reunion with this girl( current wife) is possible given all the bitterness of the past and the allegations she filed with police and the harrasment for me and my parents. my parents recently met with the parents of another girl. the girl is willing to live with me till my court case(divorce) gets finalized and then get married. Is it a good time to consider this or should i wait till Jan 2009. please advice, Thanks Suri
  5. Deepa ji, Sasisekaran ji, USR ji, DOB: April 22, 1963 TOB: 2:30 AM IST POB: Madurai, TamilNadu, India I got married in 1995 and I filed for divorce in 1997. The case has been going on ever since and still no relief or verdict. Will i get relief soon? Thanks Suri
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