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  1. Thanks for the advise. I decided that, if unavoidable, one beer is the limit. No more, and no other alcoholic drink. Otherwise I am really going to preach. I can imagine your situation to be complicated as well. Actually I had a similar situation two years ago with my uncle putting my parquet floor in my new house without asking anything in return, except for a meat snack from a junk food store. So, even it was hard, I bought it, because, considering the situation, I didn't feel in the position to refuse. Now, however, I wouldn't do the same. With meat matters, I am not going to make any compromises anymore, but will boldly explain my reason.
  2. Thank you all for your sincere replies. As we can see, applying spiritual principles in every day life and society is never easy! But by your considerate and thoughtful advise, I think I will manage to make a balanced desicion on the matter. Yours Damian p.s. any more thoughts on the subject are of course more than welcome :-)
  3. Dear devotees, spiritual practitioners and/or seekers, I have a dilemma about serving alcohol. Although it is not reccommended for serious spiritual aspirants to serve alcohol to anybody, I find it very difficult to apply this. Out of social custome it is almost unavoidable. At least where I live, in The Netherlands. For example, after a won tennis game it is a general etiquette to offer someone a drink. And to give as an answer: no sir, I can not give you a beer, because it's against my principles, only invokes envy. So this is really a dilemma to me. My solution today was to just give the person the beer, because I thought, well just one beer wouldn't really harm. Does anybody have any thoughts on this? Regards, Damian
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