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  1. Respected USR Guruji, Please do reply as till date I am waiting for your reply. With Great Respect and Regards, Raul_ad
  2. Respected Deepaji, Very much thanks for your reply. I have already started Mahamrituanjaya Manta, but without: Om Jum Sah Om Bhur Bhuvah Svah Svah Bhuvah Bhur Om Sah Jum Om I will add this to the mantra now. I am doing 1 Rosary every day. Now I will increase that to 2 a day. I have been told about the Kalsarpa yoga, for that I have done Narbali Narbali Pooja and I am planning to go to Triambakeshwar for Shanti of that within 2 months. I know one thing, Consciously I had not done any harm to any body in my whole life. I had always tryed to help every body. It really hurts when you face such humiliating situations which are without any cause. I dont know where I am heading, but I am not going again to the jail, what ever the consequences be, and what ever I have to do to evert that. Thankyou very much. Is there any thing other then Kalsarpa yoga, if you can tell me. With Respect & Regards, Raul_Ad
  3. Respected USRji, Kindly provide your valuable guidence in the matter. As the life is really miserable and I don't see any hope in the present circumstances. Regards, Raul_ad (Anand)
  4. Hello Deepaji, Can you reply my post. Regards, Raul_ad
  5. Respected U Sanjeev Rao Guruji, Heartily greetings. I am all down and with no hope, in present circumstances. I in brief would like to explain my situation. My brief story is as below: I am 35 years old. I was married on 13' July 05 by that time I was posted in Kutchh (Gujarat) in good organisation far away from my home city Indore. Every thing was going Ok. But since Aug'06 things started changing. I have started facing trouble in my job as well as disputes started popping up in marriage. Ultimately I had to leave the job in Nov'06 and had to move my native place Indore, where I got new job. My wife was pregnant at that time and my son was born on 2, March 2007. She had went to her parents home for delivery. She return by 15'May 2007 to my fathers house. But within One month of her return, issues started to popping up between my mother and my wife. And at the same time my child fell seviourly sick due to stomach element. In such a tense situation, on 15'July 2007 she took my child and left for her parents house. I waited for one month, then after that I called my wife and talked with her to shift in new house, she agreed for that and by Sept'2007 we shifted to new house which I had got on rent. I hoped that this will resolve the situation. But instead of resolving that situation started to getting worst. Now quarrels become very frequent and my wife started to threatened me for divorce. On 24 Oct'07 that situation got so worst that I hit my wife. She called her parents, who took her with them. In the evening I come to know they had filed Criminal DOWRY Case against me. I got arrested and was jailed for 20 days released on bail. Due to this I had also lost my job. On returning I come to know that my wife has taken all the belonging with her, completely emptying the house. Since than I have tried many times for mediation but every effort has failed. I am in dyer situation, don't know what is reserved for me in the future wheater the situation will get worst and I will be jailed or after some time the situations will change. I am much worried about future of my child. I need someone to show me the right path so that, atleast I can get out of the situation. And assure a good future of my child. I look with great hope to you, in this beligured time. I am giving me and wife's birth details which are as under: Me: Anand DOB: 04/04/1973 Time: 07:05 (P.M.) Place: Khandwa (M.P.) Wife: Meenakshi DOB: 06/11/1977 Time: 09:30 (A.M.) Place: Bhopal child: Aadyant DOB: 02/03/2007 Time: 04:46 (A.M.) Place: Indore Kindly do the needful. Regards, Anand
  6. Respected Raghuji, I would like to know more about Gayathri Sadhna. How to do it, I am going through critical phase in my life. Some body has suggested for Gayatri Sadhna for burning previous karmas. If you can help me, it will be a great help. Regards, Raul
  7. Hello Every Body, Our Present Birth is due to our sansakars of previous birth. What we are and what we do is due to what we owe in previous birth. The parents we have got is the manifastation of previous birth. The whole thing is so complicated that it is not easy to describe it one simple way. Our Gunas manifasts our vratti, in our current birth and Gunas are essence of our thinking in our previous birth. Regards, Raul
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