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  1. Hi RamKrishnaHari, Thanks again for your advice. I know the problems we face are kind of temporary but it matters how long one has to undergo. At the end of the day we live on hope and hope tomorrow will be better. I pray to God that both our problems go away quickly. As i can make out you are ardent devotee of Lord Ganesh who will definitely clear off all problems. One ganapathi mantra "Om Sri kshipra prasadaya namah" is supposedly provide quick results. Regards, Krishna
  2. Respected RamKrishnaHari, Thank you very much for your advice. I'll definitely start working on your advice. If there's a single mantra that can ward off the positional imbalances present in my chart and at the same time give some power on my career, please let me know. Thanks and Regards, Krishna
  3. Guruji, Please give some remedial measures so that i can make progress in my career. Waiting for your advice. Thanks and Regards, Krishna
  4. Respected guruji, I've been suffering from not able to grow in my career even though i feel i'm putting more efforts on the same. Please advice how i can grow in my career and sustain much more longer. I'm more or less stuck in one place for more than 7 years and i've not grown; I want to move out to a better place/job but that looks non workable solution. I'm giving my birth chart details below. Date of birth: 16th Aug 1971; 6:15 AM; Bangalore City India 1st House : Karkataka (Cancer) (Lagna): Ravi; Shukra; Ketu 2nd House: Leo: Budha (Mercury) 3rd House: 4th House: 5th House: Vrishchika: Guru 6th House: 7th House: Makara: Kuja; Rahu 8th House: 9th House 10th House: 11th House: Vrushabha (Janma) Moon; Shani 12th House: Please advice. Regards, Krishna
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