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  1. Dear Sanjay Rath-Ji, Swee Chan and Others I would like to thank Sanjay-ji for approving the use of Diamond on my right hand ring finger, i will be receiving this very very soon. In addition to that, a relative of mine in Kashmir has agreed to send home some of my grand dad's possesions left in Kashmir some 20 years back. It includes a 2 ct Kashmir Blue Sapphire, unheated and not flawed according to my granddad. My query is could I use this on my left hand to bring down the ill effects of Saturn, if yes which finger? However, there is now NO going back regarding the use of the diamond. i WILL HAVE TO USE ON MY RIGHT HAND RING FINGER,SINCE I WILL RECEIVING THIS SOON. Could i use Blue sapphire simultaneously with Diamond, Blue S on LEFT and Diamond on RIGHT? If declined, can i donate the blue sapphire to a Lord Shani's Temple? My only fear is, I've embarked on mantra sadhana for planet jupiter as advised by Visti Larsen 108x7 Daily of "Om Namashivaya Kaleshwaraya Yam Yam Sah" and conducting of Rudra Abhishek daily, and visit to Mahakaleshwar in Ujjain - It seems i have an "atma-problem", and mahakala could be the only one to solve this. I certainly do not want the use of diamond and blue sapphire to intefere with my mantra sadhana, and screw things up. SO guys PLEASE HELP! Vistiji, has also explained that gemstone will do only very little to help, and mantra sadhana is probably best, but its probably too late since the diamond is on its way. But the Blue Sapphire could still be donated instead of wearing it. I am currently worshipping Lord Dakshnamoorthy (Brihaspati) every Thursday by Lighting a ghee lamp and with prefered grain,yellow cloth and surround him 9 times in addition to doing the same for Lord Shani (worshipping with Black Sessame seeds,Sesm lamp and Black Cloth) every saturday. I can feel that things are improving but very slowly. Please give me all of your insights : Here is my chart 1st House (Virgo) - ASC and MARS 2nd Empty 3rd Empty 4th Empty 5th Ketu 6th Empty 7th Empty 8th Empty 9th Venus (Taurus) 10th Mercury & Sun 11th Rahu & Moon 12th Jupiter & Saturn in LEO GMT 7:30 KUALA LUMPUR (SWEE SAYS 07:00) BUT MOST CHARTS WRITTEN HAVE USED 07:30 G.PRABHU 14/07/1980 AT 11:16 AM BIRTH PLACE AS ABOVE.
  2. Vaishnavites,Shaivites - I can just see that the British technique of dividing our religions and people is still deep seated in your minds. Hari = Hara Hara = Hari Human beings are like lizard besides a illuminating bulb - the lizard understands when there is light and when there isnt but does not understand how electricity is produced. Same will all of your who wish to remove hari from hara, and hara from hari. Shiva is love. Vishnu is love. They are both supreme, but their duties vary. So god is love. Do not use second hand knowledge from the Vedas. For those vaishnavites got to a shiva temple and pray to him, you will feel him, For the Shivites, got to a Vishnu temple and see the majestic form of vishnu and you will feel his grace. You need both eyes to see, not just one. Om tat sat.
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