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  1. thankyou so much for your help:) godbless keeep up the good work!!!!
  2. my father is sikh and mother is hindu mauritian so yes im indian all im looking for is happiness and peace. divorce is not disturbing im glad its all over. worried about future financially, also would like to attract the right partner in my life and find a good job. will wearing stones help or even mantras u can suggest thanks x
  3. hiya again r there any remedies you can suggest for setbacks and failures with jupiter ive had such a hard life since a young child ive gone through being abused by my parents, domestic violence, with husband and im finally getting divorced this tuesday.But I have to admit ive learnt alot in life and have become a better and stronger person .
  4. Hello my name is taniya from uk I would like to know when jupiter Mahadasha will start I have been given different dates and months im really confused also will jupiter will be beneficial for me ? I dont know much about jupiter pls shed some light . thankyou Godbless x dob:26.10.1971 23:55pm cardiff, uk.
  5. My Lagna lord Moon is conjunct with Rahu and the Sun is debilitated what does that mean pls explain? thanks:)
  6. yes there was lack of happiness from parents through out my years! can I ask why!!! thanks
  7. nameste pls help I owned a joint property with my ex husband we have just got divorced and the house has now been given to me has a settlement. I have ever since been living in a rented accomadation and dont know now if I should move back or sell that property. pls advice 26.10.1971 23:55pm cardiff uk. kind regards
  8. Hi I would like to know which gem stone is best for me im wearing a yellow sapphire @ the moment. Dob: 26.10.1971 Time: 23:55PM Birth: cardiff, uk thanks. Destiny
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