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    Subala got a reaction from DonaldPi in Vedic tradition - get married on virgin or not virgin   
    I have a question about chastity of the girl who is not married.
    It is known that men can have many wifes but women can have only 1 husband (Drupadi and couple other examples are exceptions we not touching).
    Most people get married and most guys (at least speaking for myself) I wouldn't think about getting married on a girl which "had" someone else before the marriage.
    Someone may not care. I can't speak from ladies prespective what they prefer...
    But according vedic injunctions is there any injunctions about men taking the women who is not virgin... ???
    I understand that many of us were not born in "vaishnava brahmin families" with packa parents and etc... but in vaishnava association - is there any special rules about marriage which says its ok to marry not virgin girls....?
    I know the cases then devotee boy and girl like each other and etc... but boy finds out that girl is not "pure" (by asking questions not by other ways) and relationship breaks off.
    Any one has more input on this?
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