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  1. Dear All, My birth date is 27/2/1983 born at Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu Time: 7.25 to 7.29 AM (Kumba Lagna and Meena Lagna coincides and I am not able to fix my lagna) star is Makham Venus and Saturn exalted Considering Meena lagna, plantery position in Rasi chart is Venus, Mars in Lagna, Saturn in 8th, Kethu in 10th, Sun in 12th, Mercury in 11th, Moon in 6th, Jupiter(Guru) in 9th and Rahu in 4th I have very severe baldness and hence physical appearance is shattered. Hence all marriage proposals are not fructifying. Also there are sever career problems and job threats that surround me. I want to remain in India but my company pushes now to go abroad. I had been to US and Singapore before. Significant events -- joined in good company on July 2004 First US trip -- Nov 2006 faced lot of troubles in US on first trip severe career problems for a prolonged period of 2 yrs from June 2006 to current Please help me on when my career problems will get sorted out and when I will get married Also worried about my life span. Currenty going throuh Janma Sani in Sadhe Sati.
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