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  1. If your aunt and family are having faith in him its good.Every human has faith in some one.We believe in god has any one seen god. People did not belive shirdi sai baba when he was alive expect few.
  2. 75 percent of people go to astrologer and get there predictions but after that no one goes to astrologer telling them that what they had predicted has not come true.I had experienced this when my friend wanted to get job 2 to 3 astrologer who are famous and do come television shows in india predicted about the time for her job, but no ones prediction came true:eek2: .Its waste of money and time . I had told her to contact those people to tell them that the prediction are wrong .But people are scared to go and tell that you are wrong. She had tried contacting astrologer expert in vedic astrology, KP and prasna kundali.Astrologer use to give her time frame when she will get job.But no luck so far. If any one knows any good astrologer in india whose prediction have come true let me know:rolleyes:
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