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  1. Please let me know what paragraphs are missing and from which pages, I will check. All the texts are coming from VedaBase Folio. I did not edit anything myself except for a few typos that I reported back to the BBT.
  2. Govindaram Prabhu, please read above: I don't know HTML. I can't make the front page look as good as the rest of the site. At the moment I'm more concerned with the Spanish version, PDA off-line version, PDA on-line version, all the broken "todo" links, the Sanskrit dictionary, pronunciation pages, config pages, and the remaining two books. First things first. If I find a good web designer to put a nice light-weight front page together, great. If not, I'm not going to improve it much myself, not any time soon. It's not a high priority item on my list of things to do. Sorry. Hare Krishna! Ruptor
  3. Actually I don't spend much time on it at all. Not as much as I wish I could. Only some times I get stuck with some server configuration thing for a few hours, but those are normal problems for any unusual web development project. I've just fixed some serious problems with Mozilla browsers which required substantial changes to the Apache server configuration, took me five hours to fix, when it only took me ten minutes to generate all the 113 thousand pages and two hours to upload them. I am not qualified for this job. /images/graemlins/frown.gif I don't know HTML, I don't know how to configure Apache, I've never used Unix in my life and I wish I never had to learn any of this! I can't even make a good looking search page or a configuration page due to my total cluelessness when it comes to HTML or web design. I'm just a codebreaker. I pray every day that someone qualified would take over this project and make it all look pretty. /images/graemlins/frown.gif Until then I'll carry on by myself... /images/graemlins/smirk.gif This site owes its life to Tirtharaj, not me. If it wasn't for him, there would be no vedabase.net. He gives me all the access and all the support I need and I can play around with the server all I want until I get it to work. Who else would host this ever-growing 600-megabyte site for free? All glories to Krishna's wonderful devotees like Tirtharaj and his spiritual master Tamal Krishna Goswami! My only hope is that by serving vaisnavas I may some day become one myself. Ruptor
  4. Hey, what did you expect? You have either disabled or overridden site styles in your web browser, how do you expect any web sites to show correctly??? I apologise, but I'm not gonna try to please everyone's whims. If you like your messed up browser settings, you shouldn't be complaining about the way it looks. Those links do not show in normal weather conditions. /images/graemlins/tongue.gif Ruptor
  5. <font color="blue">The whole site has just been reconstructed. Improved look, improved diacritics, fixed a few horribly broken pages in cantos 9 and 10, added multilingual support for the coming soon Spanish version, added the long awaited <<< prev/next >>> links, etc. More coming soon. Hold your TeleportProrses. The sanskrit dictionary is still being fixed. For example, to link to (CC Adi 3.52) in the viewer's local language, type: http://vedabase.net/cc/adi/3/52 To link to that page specifically in English, type: http://vedabase.net/cc/adi/3/52/en To link to that page specifically in English with no diacritics, type: http://vedabase.net/cc/adi/3/52/en1 - readable style or http://vedabase.net/cc/adi/3/52/en2 - academic style To see the meaning of a sanskrit word type: http://vedabase.net/{first letter of the word}/{word} For example, to link to the meaning of the word Krishna, type: http://vedabase.net/k/krsna To search the site on google add site:vedabase.net to your search, but it won't find words like Krishna, not until it finishes indexing the new site. Ruptor</font color> <FORM METHOD=POST ACTION="http://www.audarya-fellowship.com/dopoll.php"><INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN NAME="pollname" VALUE="1084375675Ruptor"> Google or Altavista for the search page? <input type="radio" name="option" value="1" />Google <input type="radio" name="option" value="2" />Altavista <INPUT TYPE=Submit NAME=Submit VALUE="Submit vote" class="buttons"></form>
  6. <h3><font color="red">Srimad Bhagavatam by Srila Prabhupada</font color></h3>
  7. <font color="blue">Teachings of Lord Caitanya are now online on http://vedabase.net with a new look. BG, CC and SB are being updated with the new look. The sanskrit dictionary is down for maintenance. All the links in it got messed up somehow, sorry. Sean</font color>
  8. <font color="blue">No, prabhu. I'm not an incarnation of some great person. I'm just a fallen soul who was fortunate enough to meet vaisnavas empowered by Srila Prabhupada to distribute his books. Until then I was a completely ignorant foolish atheist. I can't write anything teaching people how to love Krishna or how to approach Him because I simply don't know. I'm not a realised soul and I have no attraction for the Holy Name or for the books I've converted to HTML for you. So you better thank Tirtharaj Prabhu (TKG), who is kindly hosting the web site. It's costly and he works very hard to support it with his own hard earned money. Send him an e-mail, thank him in person. You can find his e-mail address on his www.in.com.au site or by doing a google search. Sean PS: These books are there not to promote their piracy. Please buy them if you want to have your own copy. If you lack money, earn it, borrow it, or beg. I've tried all three methods myself, they work well. The web site gets updated regularly. Let it be there. It will always be there. Don't jam the traffic for everyone else downloading the whole thing. Your copy will be outdated in a few weeks anyway.</font color>
  9. <font color="blue">It's being uploaded. If my connection doesn't fail, it will all be there in a couple of hours. http://vedabase.net - it's all there. Oh, God! I've been up for 36 hours fighting typos and inconsistencies and rewriting the code to support Forewords, Prefaces and Introductions... All done, time to go home, chant, read and get some sleep. If you find any errors, typos or screw-ups, please let me know ASAP. I'm so glad I have finally found something substantial I can do for vaisnavas. I won't be so depressed anymore. Those who love Prabhupada's books, enjoy the nectar. Those who don't, watch out! If you read them, they will ruin your life. They will take everything away from you. They will steal your heart. They will make you lose your mind. They will turn you into a madman. There will be no more happiness for you anywhere in this world. You will not be able to enjoy anything else ever again. Nothing will save you. Prabhupada ki jaya! Sean PS: NEXT/PREV verse links are not forgotten and sorry for the screwed up sanskrit dictionary. It will be fixed next to include BG, SB and CC words.</font color>
  10. <font color="blue">Well, I looked at the Character Map that comes with Windows and about 15 min later I had a list of all the necessary characters that are present in all the standard unicode true-type fonts. From there it was only a matter of converting all the special characters to their HTML equivalents. Please look at the source code of the pages to see the technical details. It wasn't hard. So if your OS supports unicode fonts, it should work fine. Only old or very rare server OS's lack those fonts. So far even Unix users seem to be happy with it. If you have problems with diacritics on your system, please let me know what OS and what web browser you are using. Sean</font color>
  11. <font color="blue">Prabhu, if you want to read Prabhupada's books off-line, please, buy them. Support vaisnavas. If you want to study them in a digital form, the best option is to buy Vedabase Folio from Bhaktivedanta Archives. (I also recommend you avoid its outdated pirated copies) My web site is NOT there to promote copyright infringement. It's there to allow people to make references, to do their research and to have an authentic version of Prabhupada's books his devotees can link to. If you are dying for a zipped pirated copy of Prabhupada's books, I'm sure you'll find heaps of such zip files floating all over the Internet. I'm not going to participate in that. I may disagree with copyright laws protecting 0's and 1's, but a law is a law and I'd rather obey than cause trouble. Please, DON'T ask me anymore for a zipped copy anyone. Besides, the site is already nearly 200 Mb and it gets rebuilt entirely almost on a daily basis with all kinds of improvements. Sean</font color>
  12. <font color="blue"> I thought I'd stick in my two cents... <font color="red">> Should persons who are uninitiated come foreward to give siksha in forums or other places?</font color> If they were interested in knowing what they should and shouldn't be doing, imho they would be asking questions, not coming forward with taking a position of a guru to teach others. <font color="red">> Sometimes we find uninitiated devotees chastising initiated devotees and speaking as though they are more learned or experienced in Krishna consciousness even though they have never seen the need for taking diksha.</font color> Actually in my experience I'd ever only see uninitiated or just initiated neophytes chastising more humble vaisnavas. Real vaisnavas are known to possess all the brahminical qualities, therefore they are always glad to learn something new, even from a dog [i didn't wanna mention women to do not sound sexist, although it is a fact that women possess stronger minds than men but that their intelligence is naturally weaker, nevertheless intelligent people are always open to learn something from anyone be they more or less intelligent than them]. <font color="red">> Can one be guru if he himself has not been accepted by a guru of the Gaudiya Vaishnava sampradaya?</font color> A guru means heavy, heavy with knowledge. Knowledge alone does not let one approach Krishna. Anyone can teach whatever they are expert in. What they teach is what matters. <font color="red">> Should not such devotees attempt to get initiated before they come foreward to act as siksha gurus and chastise initiated devotees who actually performed service to a spiritual master in a tangible way?</font color> Of course they should get initiated. Everyone should. Learning bhakti sastra under the guidance of a bona-fide spiritual master works, chanting the holy name works, performing one or a few of the forms of devotional service works... Chastising others doesn't work, especially chastising vaisnavas. Why are they wrong? They are trying to serving Krishna unlike the other 999... They have their gurus to chastise them if whatever they are doing is wrong. Those were my two cents. Thanks for reading! :-) Have a hug. Hare Krishna! Sean [That's right, i'm not initiated. I don't qualify yet, so feel free to discard my opinion] PS: I think those who are into chastising need hugs. Next time you see them chastising someone, please give them a hug from me and say Hare Krishna. Maybe that will melt their hearts...</font color>
  13. <font color="blue">My first attempt to have sanskrit displayed correctly on the web site without use of any special fonts or graphics: http://vedabase.net/bg - Bhagavad-gita As It Is The only problem so far it seems is that Opera and Mozilla users [less than 1% of all the web users] are gonna see dots slightly in front of the characters rather than straight below them. In some fonts they appear slightly behind, but other than that it looks ok to me. Any complaints? Clever suggestions? If it looks acceptable, I'll reformat Srimad Bhagavatam the same way and will proceed to the other books. Sean PS: I'm still working on PREV / NEXT links. Also the new domain names listed on http://vedabase.net that are marked red aren't configured yet.</font color>
  14. <font color="blue">The first version of Bhagavad-gita is up: http://vedabase.net/bg known issues: 1) Sanskrit dictionary needs to be updated with links to BG verses 3) Introduction isn't there yet [didn't make it, time to sleep] /images/graemlins/wink.gif 2) Text may contain bugs [stupid folio exports popups, so they have to be removed manually, I may have missed some] If there are no other problems, Sri Caitanya Caritamrta should be up in a week or two... All the books on http://vedabase.net will be up eventually. Sean</font color>
  15. <font color="red">> Couldn't you sleep every other day and work on Sri Isopanishad on the alternate days(nights).</font color> <font color="blue">I am already doing it (sleeping every other day). It's usually my working schedule for the past 14 years. I'm not proud of it, but I can't help it much. I'm a workaholic. My days I have to spend at work though - no money no honey. Luckily enough I'm not required to work precisely 9 to 5 here, it can be 12 to 8 or whatever, as long as I turn up at all. Anyway, I slept last night, but I didn't the night before, so now it's my working night again. I'm hoping to have Bhagavad Gita processed by morning. There's now a list of planned books on http://vedabase.net As usual, all kinds of suggestions and support are welcome. Sean PS: Even if you just keep talking to me about the books, it will speed up their appearance and improve its quality.</font color>
  16. <font color="blue"> it's coming, it's coming! as soon as i possibly can. one book at a time working on the weekends. sorry it's going so slow. i have a 9 to 5 job, you know. no one will pay my bills for me and unfortunately the dole won't cover them and parasites are not welcome anywhere. i got a present last year, a jacket that says "Who needs sleep anyway?" /images/graemlins/frown.gif all those exalted personalities must have so much spare time in their lives to worry about which sex they would prefer to have sex with! us demons can only worry about the lack of time in our lives to even qualify to serve vaisnavas...</font color>
  17. <font color="blue">thank you for your suggestions! i'll see what i can do. but for now: clicking on the name of the chapter takes you back to that chapter's index, clicking on the name of the canto takes you back to that canto's index, clicking on the name of the book takes you back to that book's index. when there are more boos, there will be also a link to the main page with the list of books (http://vedabase.net). i'll try to make chapter and canto index links more convenient but i can't add next/previous links at the moment because my software is not specific enough for that. i wrote it so that it could be applied to all the other books with minor modifications, so it actually doesn't know the chapter structure. it doesn't even know if it's the last verse or not until it hits the next chapter while reading the book. it has read srimad bhagavatam so many times by now, and i'm still struggling with the second canto... *sigh* the entire srimad bhagavatam and other books zipped are already available from other sites. they are also available in the form of a serchable vedabase (imho: buy it, support the devotees working on it - http://vedabase.com). hence there will be no downloadable copies [which also imho possibly violate copyright laws], only HTML pages as a different kind of a product. sooner or later also with forums attached to them. well, hopefully sooner than later... no one to work on the PHP scripts and the user/post database yet. PS: i would much rather hear complaints, suggestions and bug/typo reports than your expressions of appreciation. thank you for your appreciation, but it doesn't help the site grow. /images/graemlins/frown.gif Also: since i can't have those pages created automatically and my HTML skills are limited by what you already see there, if there are any good web designers or artists keen to create and/or maintain the front pages for the root vedabase web site and for all the books, they are very welcome. they will be renumerated only in virtual thank-yous by me and maybe by some real vaisnavas, yes, especially those preaching around the world armed with notebooks, PDAs and slow indian links...</font color>
  18. <font color="blue">Thanks for the post! Nice idea. Here's what I have to say to that: I can only speak from what I have observed and experienced so far in this world mainly OUTSIDE of ISKCON in the past 30 years. The following is the 6 best reasons why the DIVORCE rate OUTSIDE of ISKCON is so LOW: 6. The men and women get married without hardly knowing each other, only having some sexual attraction for each other. Almost never are their astrological charts done to see if they are compatible. 5. Rarely men admit up front that the only reason thet get married is because they want to have sex. They maintain a cool attitude towards sex to make getting their woman in bed easier. 4. Who gives a dime about religious scriptures??? 3. Some men and women are gay (as in homosexual, not as in fun-loving) and are happier being "single" screwing their own kind or swinging around in the company of their partners. 2. Of course, anything goes wrong - blame it on God. Yep. He sure is the supreme home-wrecker of all times. 1. Who is stupid enough to get married these days anyway??? Normal people all have their boyfriends and girlfriends, have sex, break up, find themselves another partner... until you have an accident and then you're in trouble. /images/graemlins/wink.gif /images/graemlins/wink.gif Suggestion: Wanna compare the DIVORCE rate in ISKCON with the BREAK UP rate OUTSIDE?</font color> /images/graemlins/wink.gif PS: A note for the USAsians: it was irony, you know... a joke, as in sad humour... /images/graemlins/confused.gif Anyway, no need to kill me for it. Kill my ex-wife, her girlfriend and everyone else glorifying sexuality! /images/graemlins/tongue.gif
  19. <font color="blue">You can now refer to verses of Srimad Bhagavatam in the following way: http://srimadbhagavatam.com/canto/chapter/verse for example, http://srimadbhagavatam.com/11/17/39 Since more books are coming, you can also refer to the same site as: http://vedabase.net/sb/11/17/39 They are coming in the following order: Bhagavad Gita will be placed at http://vedabase.net/bg Nectar of Devotion will be placed at http://vedabase.net/nod Sri Caitanya Caritamrta will be placed at http://vedabase.net/cc Brahma Samhita will be placed at http://vedabase.net/bs Sri Isopanisad will be placed at http://vedabase.net/si Teachings of Lord Kapila will be placed at http://vedabase.net/tlk Teachings of Queen Kunti will be placed at http://vedabase.net/tqk maybe other books, but these are the ones that are definitely coming built identical to the http://SrimadBhagavatam.com If anyone has any suggestions, they are welcome. I also want to know how I can link discussions relevant to certain verses to the verses on my web site?</font color>
  20. since the site is now all up and running, I started working on improvements... the dictionary of sanskrit words has been compiled with references to all the verses of Srimad Bhagavatam they are found in. it's incomplete since it only refers to the words in the lists of SYNONYMS, which are often different from the ones in TEXTS, but it's a start... for example to see where in Srimad Bhagavatam a sanskrit word "brahma" is present go to http://vedabase.net/sanskrit/b/brahma with the directory name being the first letter of the word. PS: another version of the site with real sanskrit and other fonts is coming soon.
  21. You've put on so much weight, man! I see they're feeding you well there... How is life in Potomac? What have you been up to lately? ;-)
  22. thank you, theist! i'm surprised it hasn't been done before, only downloadable archives. another domain name is pointing to the same site: <h3>http://srimadbhagavatam.com</h3> which edition it is you can judge by the contents. i'm not exactly sure to be honest with you. if anyone has a better edition, let me know. i'll update it.
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