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    Hello, my name is salma khan

    DOB:1july 1985



    Please i want your help i am going through very bad phase in my life and what is the cause i dont know can any one help regarding this i saw many astrologer and they told me venus is not well placed in my chart please help me with this


    Hello, my name is salma khan

    DOB:1july 1985



    Please i want your help i am going through very bad phase in my life and what is the cause i dont know can any one help regarding this i saw many astrologer and they told me venus is not well placed in my chart please help me with this



    Those who fail to understand the reason, often resort to such practices of blaming planets without any logical reason. Your venus is very well placed and reasonably strong in your chart. May be because your problems related with General significations of Venus, they might have left with no other choice to blame it.

    Even if, your Venus would have been in bad condition, no single planet can give problems at its own. There had to be several other factors supporting him.

    You have given ur time of birth as 9.15 AM, which I think, is required to be ascertained/fixed first to analyse the chart.

    The easiest way of doing it is having the personality traits of a person to match with the chart.

    Therefore, if you can provide the following info. I can try

    your physical features like height, build (fat/medium/slim) and face [oval/round/long].

    best wishes


    Dear vedic astrologers,


    My daughter is not very much interested in studies and I am worried about her future. Could you please analyze her chart and what her future holds for her? Is she going to be successful in her life? what carrier best suites for her chart?


    Date of Birth: Feb 27th 1992

    Place of Birth: San Francisco, California

    Time of Birth: 12:45:57 AM


    Hope to hear back from you soon!



    unfortunately, the chart does indicate problems in educational matters. Fine arts and media (subjects related to imagination) are likely to be more suitable for educational and professional aspects.

    She may also go in medical line as nurse or attendant or some clerical job.


    Dear All,


    I am struggling with my career, as its is at a stand still. But also starting to worry about Marriage as this doesn't seem to be in the cards either. I have also recently ended up in Debt problems, it seems anything I touch goes wrong. If someone can suggest or guide me it would be really appreciated. Is there any career change foreseen soon and any marriage potential down the line.

    I have been told I have kal sap in my chart.


    Thanks to all.


    Date of Birth - 18th October 1982

    Time of Birth - 8:20 AM

    Place of Birth- New Delhi, India


    Things are very much likely to be positive and favorable between Mid August 2009 to April 2012. So, you just need to pass some time around 2 months or so; and thereafter, the favorable planetary position is likely to give good solace in current problems.

    Donate wheat, honey and saffron on Tuesdays and Thursdays in temple.

    quantity has not issue and you can donate as per your affordability.

  4. Hello Mr. H G Prakash.


    Shri Sasisekaran has given you the appropriate advise. Your desperation is okay; but just look at his words. He has done a very good diagnosis, and I would like to request that you should try to perform the suggested remedies.


    PS: Hello Sasisekaran jee. Nothing has changed over here. people are still very eager and desperate to know the answers as per their tunes, and you are still patient to answer them even after judging the whole thing from the charts.

    Well, I just got some time to visit the forum and hence thought to say hello.


    Rajshekar Sir,


    I asked my mother to have a ring with coral made in India and sent it across as soon as possible. But my mother,enquired with a Pandit just to be on the safer side and he advised that I should not be wearing coral since my Moon is in close conjunction with Mars and will result in mental and emotional disturbance if I wear coral because of increased power of Mars.


    Well, I dunno how to comment with control. First of all, it is simply upto you that which advise is to be followed. I don't think the Pandit Ji would have been consulted free of cost. And, that any attempt would have been made to ascertain his basic understanding of Astrology; while He is not willing to understand the Very Basic Understanding of Cancer Lagna having Mars as fully Operational Yoga-karaka.


    And, it is only because of this reason that I have curtailed my involvement on the Forum. People are, though, willing to pay the Local Pundits having no basic understanding of Astrology, except a few tips gathered from routine Panchanga; but when they operate on Free Forums, every nut and bolt is tried to be discussed.



    However I am going ahead with wearing it, meanwhile, just wondering if there is any truth to what was said?


    I don't think you can ever ascertain the truthful ness in the analysis made by me as well as by the Respected Pundit Jee (Unless you know Astrology). It is simply because, he has running a paid business - his words are being given due caution of obtaining an explanation from the Free Astrologer.


    Please, No Hard Feelings; but just expression of what I felt.




  6. Things are really difficult till mid April 2009; therefore, till that time you need to keep your fingers crossed. Period after Mid April 2009 is very likely to provide suitable relief in marital matters.

    You can try following remedies for current difficult situation:-

    Offer Water to Peepal Tree daily (except on Sundays)

    Donate whole wheat and cow's Ghee in Temple on every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. Quanity has no issue you can can donate as per your affordability.

    Wear Emerald in right hand little finger. Weight around 5 carats.

    Avoid wearing any other gem except Emerald till mid April 2009.

    And, avoid performing any other vedic/tantric remedies with suggested remedies.

  7. Dear Shri Uner Mohan

    Well, there is no need for any explanation on your part. May be my plain words have sounded rude; but actually I wasn't rude or suspected you to be doubting my knowledge.

    I may not be knowing complete astrology; but whatever I know, I know it with crystal clear conceptual understanding.

    You can contact me off the list for having a logical platform for your faith in me.


    Astrotech jee, one thing is bothering me. Where as my sade-sati shall also be starting from some time around October' 09 but you have predicted very good/excellent period of my life during my forthcoming Sade-Sati period as well. Can you please remove my apprehension about this that how I would be having excellent, enjoying & celeberating period during my sade-sati.


    Dear Shri Uner Mohan,


    I have already given my opinion over the most misleading concept of Sade-Sati that I do not count it while analysing charts.


    Please enlighten with your wisdom. This will be a great learning for me.

    And, I just do not want to share my methodology and understanding of astrology. Once I did but had a very bitter experience. Anyway, you have two ways to judge my conclusion; either have faith in my words and hope for the best to come; OR have second opinion on it by other learned members of the Forum.

  9. if i will have an arrangerd marriage or love?


    Arranged Marriage



    and when will i get married?


    Your marriage is very likely to be fixed/solemnized between Nov 2009 to Sept 2010.


    And, this period i.e. from Nov 2009 to Sept 2010 also denotes positive developments in Professional arena.

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