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  1. hare krishna sanskruti i just registered myself here so that i cud write in to you. i hope you continue to be attracted towards krishna... because this attraction when solidifies to love for Him, your life here will be complete. it needs intelligence to come to even to the stage of attraction. life around us generally keeps us so busy and bound that we hardly care to even think about these subtle things. so if somehow by His mercy only you feel drawn to him ... you must consider yourself fortunate. theres no meaning to a life lead if it doesnt lead you towards love. they say love makes the world go round... i realized the truth in this only after falling for krishna. its just that we need to work pretty hard to learn what love actually means. krishna is truth...he is the ultimate reality. once you know this ...everything about Him will attract you. his names , his form, his lilas, his qualities, his abode .... just everything about him 'krishna' as a word means all attractive..so you can understand. so please concentrate onto understanding the truth... dont get emotional ..the truth will lead you to a logical understanding of everything. and the faith born out of it will be the faith required to love krishna !! all the best
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