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  1. any one i can meet up in india. as i travell to major metroes i can meet any one any where
  2. Hi my name is ahmed khan (male)but my birth name is naim khan I was born on the 28th of march 1971 , in Bombay , India (time of birth not known as muslims we do not keep a track of it and my mom passed away who would know some idea of when i was born) I am currenlty working and by education i am a graduate. By the grace of GOD I am doing pretty well for my self. i got married on 28th Aug 1998 to Sharmistha Dewanjee( dob 25th feb 1971) I have two kids arhan (13th nov 2005) and vivann (dob 6th dec 2006) By work conditions as i earlier mentioned i earn more than my expenses and i am blessed by bliss full family life. my father is in business and after my moms demise he has re married and we have civil relations. We are 5 brothers and 2 sisters and we all family members enjoy cordial relationship in life.my mther who passed away was a home maker. In life i always have cycle 4 yrs are good then 1 year is very bad eroding away all my saving and distubing my confidence. pls guide me abt my future life. ahmed
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