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  1. Hello, Is anyone has research paper or thesis or article on Srivaishnam before Sri Ramanujarcharya. Adiyen Aravind
  2. Hello , Sri Ramanujar wrote Sri Bhasyam. In the below site monthly magazine has Sri Bhasyam parts. namperumal dot com Jai Sriman Narayananaya Namah: Adiyen Aravind
  3. No doubt to discuss about Egg is veg or non-Veg Egg is 100% Non-Veg.. Ppls wanna eat Egg they can claim it is Veg... It is purely to hide the personality..
  4. here his offical webiste. Please find Shri Velukkudi Krishnan swamy details kinchitkaramtrust.org Thanks Aravind R
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