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  1. Dear Gurus, Why people wear two neelams in their right hand? What is the differences between wear one or two? Thank you, Raj
  2. USR ji...Can you give your analysis because no one else wants to
  3. Respected USR ji, Nikhil ji, deepa ji, sharma ji and other Gurus... I am see this girl on and off. I just want to know if this it would lead to marriage. Everything is ok between us, but she is from a different caste and i believe this might be problem with my parents. Raj DOB dec 3, 1982 time 0415 banga punjab Kiran Dob Sept 29, 1983 time 1335 Jalandhar, punjab Also, she is a doctor in india. Apply for her residency for next year. Is she going to get it. Thank you for all your help.. Raj..
  4. Dear Nisha ji & pena ji I am thinking about investing in Forex. Would I be sucessful investing in it. What Gemstones should i wear for to have success in it? DOB DEC 3rd 1982 Time 0415 am Banga Punjab Thank You.. Raj
  5. Thank you, Sir ji... I found a White tourmaline, Do you think i should get it from them.. http://www.gems-astrology.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=26&products_id=62 I have to become vegetarian and should not take alcohol if want to wear Rudraksha. Just the Last question, Why did you recommend White tourmaline but why not a diamond..
  6. Thank you Nikhil ji for all your help.. when is the best time to wear White tourmaline..
  7. Thanks Deepa Ji... nikhil ji, I am on google talk that the only thing i can use during work...
  8. Nikhil ji.. Thank you for input.. i am wear a neelam right now... I am in the states.. do you know any place where i can order 14mukhi Rudraksha / 11mukhi .. And should i be wearing 14mukhi Rudraksha and 11mukhi Rudraksha both of them together..I just want to double check before i buy them.. What day of the week should wear them?? same thing with white tourmaline.. Thanks a million Raj
  9. Nikhil ji.. Can i wear a White tourmaline even if venus and mercury are combust and mercury functional malefic afflicting to Venus. Thank you for repling, Raj
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