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  1. I guess one thing I worry about is that when i do have kids, what do i teach them about the Indian culture. What do i tell them about "one man to one woman" relationships and abstinence before marriage...when i broke those rules of our culture. I feel like a hypocrite.
  2. Thank you to everyone who replied in this thread. Thanks for your support. I feel a bit better now.
  3. Thanks, Sreeram. that makes me feel better.
  4. thank you all for your advice. I will continue to chant the Hare Krishna manthra and try to put my mind at peace. I am ashamed of my past. but what's done is done. I feel that I'm a bad person and a bad wife because i wasn't chaste. My parents do not know. we are brahmins and my father helps out in the temple. I fear that i will get disowned if my parents find out. I keep worrying that I will go to hell or be born as an insect in my next life because of what i have done.
  5. By misconduct i mean i had a short-term fling with a man (before marriage )which became sexual. It was a no-commitment sort of thing. He is now happily with someone else. My parents knew nothing of this. My parents then arranged a marriage for me with someone else. I am now married. I have told my husband about my past and at first he felt very betrayed. But he seems to be ok with it now. As a hindu brahmin woman it was a very bad thing to do. It is weighing heavily on my conscience. I am worried that i have accumulated very bad karma.
  6. Is there any gurus that can be contacted online?
  7. I would like to know, what prayaschitta/penance can be done to reduce the karma caused by committing a great sin? In particular the sin of sexual misconduct with someone you are not married to.
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