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    I am a mother, wife, and Kundalini Yoga Instructor. i love art and music.
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    Mother and Kundalini Yoga Instructor
  1. "Men and women work completely differently. Women do not lose energy in orgasm. They relax and expand and get in a better mood." Sat Nam and Respect Gururattan Kaur, May I first say quickly that I love you! Your books are fabulous and I use them all the time. Thank you! Also, I am new to the forum, hi!, and I am excited to have this as a resource.... okay, my post: The sentance above is yours, and I wanted to ask you about it. In your book Sexuality and Spirituality it mentions that women ought to do certain exercises (like bundle rolls) after sex to boost their electromagnetic field. So does the electro-magnetic field get weakened or depleted by sex? I have a client who asked for help in acheiveing orgasm. Is there a set in particular you really like? I have most of your books so a reference and page number will suffice. Thank you for your time and expertise! Many blessings,
  2. Sat Nam, My understaning of Venus Lock is that it balances the right and left brain hemispheres, male/female, sun/moon enery by connecting energy circuits in our body through the pressure points in our hands. This balances our sexual enery, glands, and helps us concentrate. Remember the mudra is different for men and women. Sex energy from the second chakra includes the sex organs and hips. I thought the legs were part of the first chakra; however, the nerve on the inner thigh is referred to as the sex nerve, so perhaps that is what you mean. Stretches such as butterfly stretch or other hip-openers help stretch and relax that nerve which is often tight on most people. We store fears and traumas in our 2nd chakra, so working this nerve will help release that tention. Kirti Kaur
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