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    Who wrote the above? Its seems a devotee of Durga compiled these quotes. Praying to Durga and Krishna is not the same. I appreciate your click/paste but thats surely not the full story being said. -- Durga, worshiped by the people of this mundane world, is the Durga described above. But the spiritual Durga, mentioned in the mantra which is the outer covering of the spiritual realm of the Supreme Lord, is the eternal maidservant of Krsna and is, therefore, the transcendental reality whose shadow, the Durga of this world, functions in this mundane world as her maidservant. (Vide the purport of sloka 3.) __ http://brahmasamhita.com/5/44/en1 {Purport-extract} Maybe shed some light on this Krsnaji /images/graemlins/grin.gif -- Caitanya Mahaprabhu, as naughty boy, approached them. "Oh, my dear sister, what you are doing? Oh, you have brought so many nice things. Give it to Me, and Lord Siva will be very much pleased. Oh, you are worshiping Durga? She is My maidservant and Lord Siva is a great devotee of Me. So you please offer Me all these things; they will be satisfied. You don't require to offer separately." __Lord Caitanya Play Told to Tamala Krsna, August 4, 1969, Los Angeles

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