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    I'm a Vaishnava, and I pray to Lord Ganesh to remove obstacles before I perform puja. I also worship Him along with Goddess Lakshmi during Diwali.
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    Do Vaishnavas ever pray to Lord Ganesha?

    Sree Krishna Himself prayed to Lord Ganesha to remove the obstacles in marrying Satyabhama. Sree Rama invariably prayed to Lord Ganesha all the time before He started the war with Ravana. All Indian Vaishnavities (Except stupid ignorant fanatics) pray and pay respects to all important forms of Lord like Shiva-Durga, Karthikeya-Valli-Devayani, Ganesha and all forms of Narayana... NO Discrimination as its like disrespecting Sreeman Narayana Himself. Raghavan
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    At the beginning of the pooja we pray to Lord Ganesha.

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