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    It's hard to tell what fits to you. But, the bast way to activate mooladhara chakra is, that you first activate ajna chakra (names for ajna chakra are also: 7th chakra, guru chakra, third eye, command center, gyana chakshu, triveni, wisdom eye and Shivas eye). Ayna and mooladhara chakra are somehow connected, that meens, that when you activating ajna chakra, mooladhara chakra is activating too. Why it is good that you first activate ajna chakra? Because you will understand what is happening in you. Very good techniqu is trataka and jala neti kriya. Sure there are others, but these are tehchniqus that are very strong and resoults can be achived and seen very quickly! And, when ajna is activated, your progres will be much qickly with other chakras! Ajna is center where intuition and wisdom are developed. Concentration become much higher and so on.

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