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    Yellow Sapphire

    Hello Dear Experts, I am a new joinee to this forum. Actually, I did not know whom to approach and so am posting my doubts here. Recently, I wore a yellow sapphire of 4.3 Carats and found that whatever Loans I had proceeded for got sanctioned but then I also noticed that there is no improvement in business situation; infact I kind of made losses. Please can anyone of you suggest if this is a good sign and how much time it takes for showing results. Regards, Ary
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    hello - test

    hello - test:tongue:
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    The Editor


    Testing attachments.
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    Thread deletion

    How can members delete threads that they have created?
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    Hi.. I need to share Triplicane Brahmotsavam 2013 Videos. Where and How to share the youtube videos... Kindly Help me...
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    swetha hare krishna

    Goddess sita's child

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    Aparajitha manatram

    Hi Can you guys help me to clear a doubt about Aparajitha manatram ? The mantram which starts with namo devayi mahadevayi is a Tantrik matra or not ? if so how to recite the matra ? is there any rituals to follow the same? Thnx
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    Good day everyone.

    Hello I am new member to this Forum with keen interest in Astrology. This msg is just to say 'Hello' to all. Kind regards VBN21
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    Jeevan Mukthi

    I just joined this forum yesterday day/ I have few questions about What happens after death? I have finished reading the Great Bhavat Gita about a month ago. It is quite interesting to read the Gita and felt like everyone should read it and try to understand the teachings of Lord Krishna. Since I know Sanskrit from my childhood, I was able to read both Tamil and Sanskrit versions. I am now coming to my question to learned audiences. One (like me) did not practice the Gayatri Mantra though it was taught to me in my childhood, which I felt at my old age, can I get the Nama Japam from a Guruji and practice it sincerely be able to attain my wishes? Since I missed this great opportunity, I am willing to have a rebirth as very sacred soul like Adi Sankara or St Thiagaraja Swamigal and live like a Sanyasi or Siddha Purusha and learn the Vedas, Upanishads, puranas and slogas etc so that I become deserved soul to reach the Lotus Feet of Lord Krishna. Is this a possible wish come true.I need to seek the blessings of learned Guruji. It may look funny to some, but it is my true wish. Thanks for all those who read this post and responses and guidances.
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    Swaminarayana Hindu

    I will address each of your points one by one and offer reasoned answers: "Perhaps the memories of the murder of Manibhai (ex PA to Pramukh Narayanswarupdas) who fell out with BAPS are still fresh?" There's isn't a stinch of indication that BAPS has been involved with any violence, much less murder. A murder would have resulted in widespread press coverage, police presence, and Court indictments. Has there been any of these? BAPS Public Relations cannot 'pay off' the High Court. This sounds like unsubstantiated propaganda from anti-BAPS sentiments. "Maybe the young trainee saint abuse scandals at Sarangpur centre were well concealed by the millions BAPS spends on PR and media relations." You are probably referring to the scandals of the monks of the other Swaminarayana organizations. You hear about scandals from them all the time. Simply go to www.Google.com and click on 'News' and type in 'Swaminarayan'. You will find dozens of articles related to scandals that monks from the other Swaminarayan organizations are involved in. None of them are connected to BAPS. If they were, there would have been police action and press coverage. The BAPS temple in Sarangpur is a haven for spiritual advancement. If you have been there, you would agree. "Don't kid yourselves. BAPS has plenty of corrupt saints as is so obvious in Neasden Temple." Again, you're proposing claims without any substantiation. What is wrong with the monks at the Nesden temple? BAPS monks have NEVER been involved in scandals. Give some concrete examples from a reliable source, and then I will believe you. "If Pramukh Narayanswarupdas was such a mighty saint why does He insist on being worshipped everywhere?" Once again, claims without substantiation. Give me a quote, a recording, or ANYTHING that shows why you believe this. Pramukh Swamiji has NOT EVEN ONCE insisted on being worshipped. It is his disciples who honor him because he is our spiritual Guru who leads us from darkness and ignorance to light and knowledge. He has NEVER insisted on being worshipped. He also never insisted on sitting on thrones or luxurious items. Rather, it is the wish of his disciples to provide him with those things out of our love for him. Remember, Pramukh Swamiji has been the Guru of the Swaminarayan faith for well over 40 years. In the 1960s, there were no such amenities yet he continued his mission of spreading the Vaishnava philosophy and the message of Swaminarayan just as much as he is doing now at the age of 85. "Ekantik Sadhu would never EVER desire such things." This is the first time I agree with you. An Ekantik Sadhu would never desire such things. But have you ever seen DESIRE in the eyes of Pramukh Swami? Have you ever heard him demand certain things? A devotee once baked him sweets to eat when Pramukh Swami visited his house. However, he accidently put salt instead of sugar! How awful would a sweet item taste if it was made from salt instead of sugar?! But Pramukh Swami never said a word and lovingly accepted the food. Does this show that he demands high luxuries? It shows his detachment from materialistic pleasure. This was in the 1950s when food was scarce and the monks often had to beg for food (and fast when they received none). I appreciate your concern for finding a true Guru. One should always be careful before accepting someone as your Guru, and you are doing just that. However, it's very important that you properly investigate before you make claims that degrade a great sadhu and saint such as Pramukh Swami. Read his biographies, and you will see. JAY SRI NARAYANA.
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    Swaminarayana Hindu

    I don't understand how the organisation BAPS is a 'break away' from what Svaminarayana originally set up. In his Vachanamritam, he continually stresses the importance of the Ekantik Sadhu and how a true guru is the gateway to moksa. The "original" Svaminarayana organisations have plunged into mediocrity. The "sadhus" do not follow the eight-fold path of celibacy and the Acharyas have been brought to court on several legal issues. The previous Acharya was dethroned and a new Acharya established. Sadhus are being accused of rape, incest, and embezzlements. Is this what Svaminarayana originally set up? On the other hand, Pramukh Swamiji is a spotless sadhu who has uplifted many societies around India and who has preached non-violence and built beautiful mandirs across the world. He has led thousands to quit cigarette-smoking and drinking alcohol, as well as gotten several other thousands to reconnect with the Hindu heritage and study the scriptures. How can you say that this is NOT what Svaminarayana intended? Look at what BAPS has accomplished -- magnificent mandirs around the world, a beautiful Akshardhama temple in New Delhi, social service work like natural disaster relief and free hot meals for the poor. He has upheld the Vaishnav and Visistadvaita philosophy. Please explain to me why BAPS is a "break-away" from what Svaminarayana taught. Disciples and sadhus of Pramukh Swamiji are very humble and peaceful people. They practice what Svaminarayana taught by studying the Vachanamritam and the Hindu scriptures. BAPS does not get in trouble with the law and have sadhus involved in scandals.
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    Swaminarayana Hindu

    "Pramuks Swami is not the leader. The two acharyas of the Swaminarayan faith are the original leaders which lord Swaminarayan created." Dear fellow bhakta, I am not too familiar with the Swaminarayana sampradaya, so you might be right on this. I recently read a biography on Swami Sahajananda by Professor Raymond Williams, and in there he said that the Acharyas were established by Sahajananda for administrative purposes. The Acharyas were responsible for guiding the progress of the sampradaya and handling the treasury, as well as initiating sadhus into the eight-fold path for celibacy. In the Vachanamritam, however, Sahajananda talks only about the 'Ekantika Sadhu' who can lead one to moksa. The Acharyas should only be seen as the administrative heads, but never the spiritual heads. Pramukh Swamiji, as I understand it, is a true spiritual guru. One can easily see this when you take a look at the mandirs they are building, the quality of sadhus and disciples they have, and an international reputation. Unfortunately, the sadhus of the two Acharyas have plunged into controversy and trouble with the law. This, however, is never the case for the sadhus and disciples of Pramukh Swamiji. I think the world of Hinduism should be very excited at where Pramukh Swamiji is taking modern-day Hinduism.

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