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    Pl post your problems as a separate thread

    Dear friends, I have seen lot of you posting your problems in older threads -some even 10 years old and some not related to the topic. Moreover, addressing these problems will be difficult because of the confidentiality of the real name. Hence, I request all of you to post you problems as a new thread and I will try to address them astrologically as per my knowledge and experience. Regards, KGR
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    The Wives of Krishna

    Krishna had 16,108 wives. Rukmini was his first wife. Then he married Satyabhama and Jamvanti. In total, he had 8 main wives. The 16,100 wives he married afterwards were girls he rescued from Jarasantha who desired him as their husband. Don't forget that he is the Supreme Lord. It is his promise to us that in whatever form we worship him, he will reciprocate in that manner. Therefore, all those women that he married were simply having their love for him reciprocated in the manner they chose. Also, because he is the Supreme Lord, he was able to satisfy each and every one of them. None of his wives ever felt neglected or unloved. He gave each wife 10 sons and 1 daughter. There is the story where Narad wondered about how the Lord was able to satisfy each one of his wives. It seemed impossible for even if he spent one day with each of them in turn, it would be years and years before he got back round to the first wife. So Narad visited Krishna in Dwarka. First he went to Rukmini's house and saw the Lord there, just rising from his sleep. Narad thought that if Krishna was in Rukmini's palace, how were all his other wives feeling? So he then went to Satyabhama's house and saw Krishna there, getting ready for his morning meditation. Narad wondered how Krishna had arrived there so fast so he then went to Jamvanti's house and saw Krishna there, about to go for a bath. Narad went to the next wife and saw Krishna performing pooja. Narad went to the next and saw Krishna eating breakfast. Narad went to the next house and saw Krishna giving charity to the Brahmanas. Narad went to the next house and saw Krishna playing with his children. Narad went to the next house and saw Krishna meeting with ministers. In each house, each wife was with Krishna and Krishna was making them happy. Narad then realised that he should never have doubted Krishna. The Supreme Lord can make everyone happy because he is the only one with the power to love everyone in the way they want to be loved. Others may tell us that they love us but we never really believe them. But Krishna, who we cannot see with our material eyes, loves us and we know it, even if he never tells us. That's the power of Krishna's prema.

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